The Internet Nobody’s Cosmic Photo Challenge this week is for photos taken from an unusual angle. As most of my photos usually are taken by me standing at an unusual angle, any of them would, in theory, apply, but I’ve decided to use these two. They are a couple of bluebell photos, taken from underneath them.

So the photos are from an unusual angle, and I walked around at an unusual angle for about a week after getting up again, after taking the photos.

13 thoughts

    1. Can’t have a massage with a two metre rule, VK! (or whatever it is this week…) but gentle stretches are helping! Until, that is, when I sit down for a while and then get up to move again! I’m surprised you can’t hear me creaking from there! 🤣


  1. I’m back in Bluebell Woods, sucking the end my pencil and wondering what to write in my new notebook next. Fortunately, my imagination doesn’t suffer the creaky knees! Thanks for taking me there, Tom! 🙂

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