Debbie’s theme for One Word Sunday this week is Point.

I probably have many photos with different types of points on them, which would have worked with this theme, but I remembered I had a tiny compass. I don’t tend to use the compass very often, but my inspiration pointed me in that direction!

I took the photo, not entirely sure whether I was using the compass correctly. I presume that dot on the side needs to be used, but I wanted the red point pointing towards the North point for some reason. The compass was on a flat surface, but North just wouldn’t keep still. This photo was the best I could take.

However, if that dot on the side should be used, it would appear I’m facing the wrong way, with the North point being towards the South, and the South point towards the North. This, in turn, would mean that my red point is pointing East and not North as I’d originally planned.

That said, there are many points in this post so I think it fits the theme.

As for using a compass, does anyone have any pointers?

Visit Debbie’s site on the link above for more takes on this week’s theme.

24 thoughts

    1. I have a feeling, Karen, compasses belong to that group of objects that we all just know how to use, when we need to use them. Otherwise, we’re clueless! 😄


  1. The needle always points North/South, so you rotate until you and the compass are both looking north which aligns the map in your hands with due north allowing you to get an accurate direction on the map.

    Simple! 🙂 ❤

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    1. When you put it that way, Prenin! 🤣
      I’ll probably know how to use it when I need to, but knowing me, when I need to use it, I’ll probably find I haven’t got it on me! 😊🤣

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