there’s freedom ahead
freedom beyond the barbed wire
freedom there for all

Be a Wire Cutter

Barbs and wires in the way
Restricting movement
Blocking the way forward
But look ahead
Look beyond
Be a wire cutter
And touch the future

Living on Barbed Wire

Keeping in things in
And out out
Yet still a place to rest
Those weary wings

To the Wire

In the right light
Even the barbed wire
Has a unique beauty

It’s Six Word Saturday once again. This week, I’m posting something different, inspired by Debbie’s post. I put together a quick picture to match the post, and then quickly threw together the words to match the picture.

And before you say it… Six Word Saturday refers to the title of the post only… the content can be millions of words long if required! Visit Debbie’s post for more six words.

24 thoughts

  1. Remarkable words and thoughts Tom on Barbed Wire…. Loved your graphic creation, I assume its yours Tom…
    I have my secateurs ready…. Gardening Gloves on…. And I am stepping Up ready to cut 🙂

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  2. We all need to be wire cutters in these unprecedented times. To cut through to the freedom beyond, but also to see there is beauty to be found in the darkest of places…if you look beyond the barbs…😊

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