She cast a spell for happiness, using everything she could find.
She got everything prepared and together at the exact right time.
She spoke words of enchantment, making sure she got them right.
She wanted to be happy and would make herself so tonight.

She thought of all the people who’d wronged her in the past.
She thought of those who’d married when she said “they’d never last”.
She thought of the ones she turned away when they came to her for help.
She thought of all the animals that she’d ‘accidentally’ made yelp.
She thought of all the acids that she poured away down the drain.
She thought of all the pedestrians she’d splashed, driving through puddles in the rain.
She thought of all the people stood behind her in the queue, as she complained quite vocally about the price of her shampoo.
She thought of the hungry kitten that she never once fed.
She thought of the single time she’d regretted what she’d said.

She realised she didn’t need anything in order to be truly happy.
She’d looked within and then brought on her own epiphany.
Her happiness had been with her all along, hidden deep beneath her nasty side.
She sat and thought and clearly saw now that her eyes were open wide.

Originally posted on 30th October 2012.

12 thoughts

        1. When I originally posted it, I centrally aligned it, so the middle section looked almost like a cauldron. This time around, I right-aligned the middle bit… it has half a cauldron shape now! 😀

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