It’s One Word Sunday tomorrow, and this week Debbie’s theme is ‘Early’… so I’m getting in early and posting this on a Saturday! (I will link to Debbie’s post sometime during Sunday… but will the link be added early? Time will tell!)

Early morning or early evening? That is the question. Don’t let the time of this post fool you… the clock may be stopped! Well, it is in the photograph – could it be in real life? It may be too early to tell!

Visit Debbie’s site (on Sunday via the link to be added!) to view more takes on the theme!

Sunday Edit: Here’s the link to Debbie’s post!

22 thoughts

  1. Time will tell? Ha, ha, Tom. Could be in the pm as well, so who knows? For some reason, the whole discussion reminds me of people who think that going on daylight savings time means there’s more daylight. Sigh. Arizona doesn’t change time with the rest of the US, so we’ll have to re-think when we can call or text family and friends in other time zones once they change. Will it be too early or too late? 🙂


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    1. Own time: yes; Work time: not so much!
      I’m actually controlling the illusion of time quite well over the past couple of days, Prenin. Nothing’s rushed and everything’s in its own time!

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  2. Time … for lunch… for dinner. For bed. Those are the early times I’m currently only interested in.
    I think this is because I’m still living in March. The 16th of March began this problem. I have no idea what day it is, what month it is, what time it is any more. I have to double check these details with my computer or phone.

    I think it’s now the 189th of March. Or something like that. [siiiiigh]

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