Are we here for a reason?

Or are we merely just here?

Do we work well with society?

Or do we just fit in?

Can we really achieve better things?

Or live with what we have?

Six Questions for Six Word Saturday.

(Originally posted on 9th March 2019)

14 thoughts

  1. All important Questions Tom….
    Yes we have a purpose, and I don’t think we are just here randomly I feel we choose to come..

    Working well with society? depends upon the individuals view point and perspective.. 😊

    YES we can ALL achieve better things if we put our minds to it.. But again that is the perspective of the individual as to what is better for them, when others may not think its better in their view 😁🤣
    Living with what we have? I could quite easily live as I am… Others are always driven to want more… While others need more… I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of a beggar on the streets in India, or in Africa, looking for my meal on a rubbish dump for instance.. So again its all about where we find ourselves and our perspectives.. And then you look at some of the wealthiest people
    who have everything who still want more..

    Thank you for making me think this morning Tom.. and getting my grey matter going early in the day 🙂
    Have a great weekend 🙂 keep dry if you can… Looks to be a cold damp bank-holiday
    take care… 🙂 💚🙏

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    1. Thanks for your take on the questions, Sue. We must do what we feel is right for us, I suppose.
      I believe (seemingly years after your comment regarding the weather) we’re in for a warm weekend once again… we shall see!

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