What’s this? A new post on Beyond the Sphere? What is the world coming to?

Anon said I’d heard Beyond the Sphere had become a reblogging site, posting only old posts and no new content.

Mr X said I suppose it makes sense to repost old material from time to time, but for a whole week? And on Beyond the Sphere, of all places? Unheard of!

Mrs G said I won’t be visiting Beyond the Sphere again if they are only reposting old stuff. I come here for new content, not outdated posts.

Dr No said Although I enjoy a trip down memory lane like the next man, reading old posts doesn’t feel the same as reading a new post, even if I haven’t read the post before. It’s the last line ‘Originally posted on…’ that does it for me. It spoils the buzz.

H said I’m happy reading any post on Beyond the Sphere, old or new! At least I can get to read something without having to search through a decade’s worth of posts to find it.

I think it’s time for a quick explanation for my current absence from Blogland.

Z said Another absence? You’re always on a blogging break!

Thank you, Z. I’m not always on a blogging break, but I am for the time being. Only for a week or two to recharge my batteries. I’m not away away, by the way. I pop in every now and again, to see the latest post in the reader, but I am away where it comes to replying to comments or posting new stuff. That will all return soon, however!

When I return, I’ll have lots to catch up on… replying to comments… commenting… posting… catching up on my favourite storylines on other blogs… catching up with other bloggers… seeing great photographs and creations… learning new things! It all happens in Blogland, so I can’t stay away for too long. And, the place is so inspirational that goes without saying… even though I just did!

So, if like Anon, Mr X, Mrs G, Dr No and H, you’ve missed me around Blogland, this is a very brief explanation why. There may be a few more reposts before I return, selected by a very advanced algorithm of my own making, which works a lot better than a few of the more recent algorithms we’ve heard about. They are picked at random.

Worry not! I will be back and replying etc very soon. Until then, take care!

And Happy Friday!

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    1. I’m heading back, Beverly. Just quickly replying to a comment or two(!) and then I should be able to get back to posting and visiting once


  1. Dearest Tom, I am of the belief that the current situation (pandemic) we are all living in, is making some things a little less important and other things come back into focus and we have to concentrate on those.

    As you know, I too have taken a small [cough huge cough] blogging break, and although I tried (several times) to come back and cheer up my blog by changing themes etc – real life gave me a stern look and demanded my attention – and so I had to put blogging on the back burner for a while, until I knew that blogging was back on the list of ‘Things to do’!

    We all need a break from the ‘attention demanders’ in our lives, in order to stop thinking about ‘this’, ‘that’, or ‘the other’, because if we’re always thinking about those ‘attention demanders’, we begin to lose site of ourselves and our own requirements, and that isn’t good for anyone.

    Having a break – a weekend, a week, month, year, or more, is what real life requires sometimes. And …. you’ll come back all the better for it. Refreshed, ready to be that fabulous person you really are.

    Take as long as you require. You need it. Your soul needs it.
    In the meantime – sending love and squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thanks, Cobs. I’m getting ready to return very soon. I saw your latest post in the reader about the new horrible block editor which prompted me to return (I shall be commenting over there in a little while). May I suggest using Open Live Writer as an alternative… you’ll have to search for it on the web and download it – it’s what I use to write my posts before publishing – the posts may need minimal tweaking in the block editor after publishing, but that is far better than doing everything through the editor. I’ll write a post with more details soon, so look out for it!

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      1. Open Live Writer …. not heard of that, will go and search in a little while and once found, see how it works. Thank you Tom.

        I shall definitely look out for that post when you make it. It would seem that so many bloggers are having the same sorts of problems, so it could help many people. When you’ve made it, I’ll add a link to it, to my blog pages here – maybe a widget with a link to your post possibly, so that it’s permanently there for everyone who needs help.

        Sending big squidges to you in your corner, from me in mine. ~ Cobs. x

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        1. Squidges, Cobs!
          I’ve just quickly created the post about Live Writer, it’s scheduled (through Live Writer!) to appear at five past twelve on Saturday morning. It’s a Six Word Saturday post to get me back into writing for the blog once again! It’s a bit more than six words long though…

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