Earlier today I posted a square photo which had been turned around three times.

One, I suggested, was a snowy hillside; the second I hinted at it being a cliff edge; and the third I said was a face. Well:

Of course it was a face. Above is the photo I cropped for the earlier post, and darkened all the more to give a feeling of silhouette.

Here she is from another angle:

Now, before you say the photo’s a bit dark, and she still looks a bit wooden, there is a reason for that. The ‘model’ is actually that: a model. Well, one of those novelty toys that you can get inside those chocolate eggs. I stood her on top of a box in front of my computer monitor and took her photo, just to experiment really. I quite like how the photos turned out. The things you can do with a mobile phone!

So, there you have it… a face. Number three was the correct option.

I think I have a more straightforward square for tomorrow.

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        1. There’s something quirky going on right now… I’m noticing my comments on other blogs appear to be vanishing, until a reply is left.


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