Ankela stared at Eln and his wife
“For this you both shall pay a price
This maiden was meant to be by my side
As say the stars and the Royal Guide”

Eln stepped forward and held out his hand
“I’m sorry, but this was never planned
Starr and I were betrothed for years
But by our hearts, not the word of seers”

The prince dismissed Eln’s kind attempt
At friendship with the utmost contempt
“Bah!” cried the prince as he turned away
“Be warned, I will return another day

By the name of my family and by royal decree
You will both pay for your treachery”
The prince leapt onto his horse and galloped off
‘Though at his threat the villagers scoffed

And remember, all previous parts are now included in my Storylines Menu, if you’d like to read the epic so far!

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