Cloud was on all fours and couldn’t move. Finger’s neutralising ray had frozen him to the spot.

“Never fear, my good friend, you’ll be moving again in a short while. I don’t like causing too much of discomfort to those who get in my way. I do have morals you know. However, Mr Williams wants all three of these files, and Mr Williams will get them. He isn’t as tolerant as me, I really recommend you stay away and don’t meet him.”

Cloud heard a car door behind him close, and knew Finger had an accomplice, the plank of wood that hit him took him by surprise, and at the time he didn’t even think as to who could have yielded it. Now though he knew there were at least three people involved in this mysterious case. The main one at the moment, Finger Bones, had just walked into the bank. He could hear shouting from within, presumably this bank’s security. A few moments later, Finger emerged from the bank, and tutted.

“Dear dear dear…” He mocked. The Cloud still couldn’t move. “Never mind. The guard will be outside in a moment, Cloud, and he may be able to get you moving again!”

The Cloud heard Finger get into the car. Listening very carefully, he heard Finger say “The Rendezvous. Quickly!” The tyres on the car screeched as it sped away. Cloud heard them screech again as they turned into the side street, and once more as they turned onto the main road. From the sound he knew the direction the car was heading in, and that told him exactly where the villain was heading.

He managed to stretch his back, and then stand. He stretched again to ease the ache in his shoulders. This bank’s security guard came through the door. Cloud confirmed with him that another file was taken, and then left. He leapt onto his motorbike and set off to chase Finger’s car, keeping the bike in its silent mode.

Previous episodes can be found on the Storylines page.

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  1. Oh I missed those previous ones… But this chapter and image brought a smile… Thank goodness for Cloud…. and my back up… πŸ™‚
    A true Hero Tom….
    Love and well wishes my friend πŸ™‚ ❀

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