It’s Debbie’s One Word Sunday, and the theme this week is Umbrella.

This week, I’ve pushed the boundaries of one of the definitions of the word: a thing that includes or contains many different elements or parts.

We’re looking at my magnifying glass which is over a selection of my crystals. The glass covered all of the stones, but looking through the glass revealed only part of the selection. The link is there. Somewhat stretched, but it’s there! You just have to look at it from a slightly different perspective.

Posted also for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

16 thoughts on “Umbrella

  1. This may be your biggest stretch yet, Tom. LOL. I told Debbie that at first I couldn’t recall any photos with umbrellas and was contemplating buying a package of those little ones that go in fancy tropical drinks and arranging them for a photo shoot, which I thought would be rather ala Tom. 🙂 However, it occurred to me that I might find some full-sized umbrellas among my French shots and so it was.


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    • Hehehe! I know I haven’t any photos with umbrellas, Janet, and my brolly would hardly be classed as a great subject for a photo, so I had to resort to creative means once again. The photo, I took years ago, and the ‘link’ to the definition jumped out at me yesterday!
      I like the sound of ala Tom photography! 😊 Thanks Janet.

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