We had a storm a few years ago which was not like any other. The skies were extremely heavy and very reluctant to let go of the rains they held… but when they did, they did!

These photos were taken just before the rainfall.

Posted for Becky’s Square Perspectives.

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      1. I know… I’m doing wonderfully! I’ve also found quite a few more pics to use as well, more than I thought I would. They’re all squared off and waiting patiently! 🙂

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    1. Yes, there was one a few years ago, Beverly, that turned the midday sky a sandy colour. We were able to look directly at the Sun without any effect. The atmosphere, as on the day the photos for this post were taken, felt very strange indeed.

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    1. No… this was just a very heavy storm that came in one day, Chris.
      We did get the Saharan dust a little later, however. Most of it ended up on my car!

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  1. At least Jim had a proper ladder which he used to carry as he walk on the 6ft walls between the houses (they were terraces). It used to freak my cat out no end. When I moved, the new window cleaner only had a step-ladder and would only do the ground floor windows as he was afraid of heights! Not the best career choice? 😉

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  2. Yes I remember a decade ago when we had multiple thunder storms rolling in one after the other and the rain was bouncing a foot in the air while visibility was so reduced every car on the road stopped.

    I have a video of the event which was truly astounding!!! 😮 ❤

    We had a similar event earlier in the year, but it didn’t last anywhere near as long. 🙂 ❤

    Blessed Be my friend! 🙂 ❤


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