I’ve just upgraded my Artrage program and doodled the above digital oil painting of an abandoned building that looks as though it is about to topple into the turbulent sea.

I have no idea what the building is, nor why it is so close to the water’s edge, although maybe it was used for boats to come and go in calmer times. Perhaps it was an early lighthouse or lifeboat station. Don’t know.

I just swirl the colour around and see where it takes me! I suppose that is another way of saying I go with the flow.

7 thoughts

    1. I’m not sure if my version of Artrage is the same as the one you use, Elaine, but there’s an option on mine to upload an image for tracing. I tried it once ages ago, but didn’t like it… it didn’t feel right. I think I must have an option to upload an image for editing, but I just tend to create from scratch until it’s as complete as I feel it is. I don’t think any of my creations are ever really finished, however.

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      1. If you upload for tracing you can actually upload the picture in there too. I didn’t like it either. I’m the same regarding the finished article, I can always spot what I shoulda, coulda, woulda done 😉

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