“Husband, what are you doing out here beneath the stars?” Ellimayee gestured upwards with both hands.

“I’m contemplating the Universe.” King Rabletop III replied as he knelt in the quickly cooling sand.

“But why under the watchful eyes of the ancient pharaohs would you consider such a thing?”

“It has to be done, wife. Up there, out there, are all the answers we will ever need.”

“Maybe so, husband. But first, shouldn’t you have the questions?”

“I have a question, my queen, which is why I’m here contemplating. That group of stars up there,” Rabletop pointed directly overhead, “they look like a chicken. I feel I should name such a consternation, only I cannot think of the correct term to use.”

“Constellation, husband.”

“Yesโ€ฆ indeed. I hereby dename that chicken consternation ‘Constellation’. It has a celestial ring to it.”

Ellimayee looked toward the stars herself and headed back to bed.

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