I’m scouring the internet at the moment, just to take a break from the everyday and to see what I can find with a blank mind.

I’ve come across randomwordgenerator.com, which has a sentence section. What better way is there to receive a random message from the Universe than via a random sentence? Here are the sentences it generated for me:

There’s a message for you if you look up.

Now I need to ponder my existence and ask myself if I’m truly real

Greetings from the galaxy MACS0647-JD, or what we call home.

In the end, he realized he could see sound and hear words.

Lets all be unique together until we realise we are all the same.

This is the last random sentence I will be writing and I am going to stop mid-sent

There’s certainly a message in there somewhere!

Look up to the title after pondering existence. With a mind that reaches out across the Universe, sometimes confused, sometimes ‘with it’, worry not if things are left unfinished.

I’d best get back to doing what I should be doing now…

12 thoughts

  1. Chuckling… Its always good to take a random break before we break….
    ❤ Keep Scouring!! you never know what you will find that will distract you from the insanity of the media… Who are doing their very best to drive us to break..

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    1. Thanks, Sue.
      I’m noticing glaring errors and contradictions which are making me stop, think and question. I check now to see what they’re saying rather than what’s going on. I’m bored with it, but not broken! 🙂 Unless that’s what I’m meant to believe.

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      1. Keep digging if you have the stomach for it… I feel Like Alice through the Looking Glass right now…. And yes that is the idea… to break us… ❤ But it not working in Dreamwalker Land.. Take care Tom… Hugs from the Allotment Plot.. 🙂

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