Professor Delp looked at the monitor on his console. A green light flickered off and on intermittently.

“It’s still doing it!” He spoke into a disconnected microphone which stood beside the monitor.

“Are you sure?” Oscar, the office junior, shouted from below the desk.

“I’m telling you it is. It’s blinking. It shouldn’t be blinking. It should be pulsing.”

Oscar disconnected a cable and reconnected it into the same socket. “Is it doing it now?”

“No. Yes. No. Yes. No. It’s stopped. No, it’s doing it again!” Professor Delp lifted his clipboard and wrote a time in a box on the form. “It’s pulsing again. I think you’ve sorted the error, Oscar, thank you for the assistance!”

Puzzled, and dust-covered, Oscar crawled out from under the desk.

The professor carefully placed the clipboard down away from the enter key on the keyboard, where he’d noticed it resting a moment earlier.

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