Nebula, how’s our guest doing?

He’s still in deep sedation, Alnold. My sensors are constantly analysing him, and the Medic Bay’s Automated Nursing Unit is administering a sedative every six hours to ensure his body heals. Apparently, the capsule you rescued him from had slowed down his metabolism to such a level he has hardly aged in physical appearance.

Can you tell how old he is, Nebs?

According to the biological chronogram readings, his body is over five hundred years old.

How much over? Just one or two years?

Exactly two hundred and thirty seven years over, Alnold, and four months.

Almost 750 years old? He doesn’t look bad for his age then, ignoring the bruises! Actually, if he’s so old, why does he have bruises?

Perhaps whatever caused the bruises happened prior to him being encased in the capsule. With his metabolism being slowed, his healing processes were slowed also.

OK then, we can find out what happened to him when he wakes up. Right now, I’m going to get myself over to my lab, and I’m going to start working on creating a body for your physical form.

I thought you already had a body, Alnold.

I did, but it wasn’t the right size for the head. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be walking around with an oversized head, Nebs, would you?

I wouldn’t know the difference, Alnold. But if you – Alnold –

Yes, Nebs?

If you are creating a new body, you will need further supplies of the compounds that make up Fleshium.

Well, yes. That goes without saying.

There are two compounds which are in very low supply, and one about to be depleted completely and will need to be restocked.

But we haven’t used that many compounds so far, Nebs. Why should they be deleted?

They have become depleted, Alnold, due to the number of heads you have created, plus the body you no longer wish to use.

Even so, Nebs, I haven’t used that many.

Quite correct, Alnold, but you have used most of what we had on board the Expansion for those compounds in short supply.

Can’t I melt down the body and heads and use them again?

Unfortunately not, Alnold. I shall tell you the details of the stock levels, and you will be able to see why. Fleshium skin compound, 83%; Orgotox skin base compound 8%; Lengox skin base compound 12%; Raddan skin base compound 72%; Reflenex skin base compound 95%; Ort skin base compound 98%; Grizzle eye compound 99%; Cornex eye base compound 91%; Silken hair compound 1%; Lengox-A hair base compound 80%; Lengox-B hair base compound 85%; and Hydrogen base compound 97%.

I haven’t created any hair yet, Nebs. Why is the Silken compound so low?

It was deemed unnecessary so not loaded when the Expansion was in space dock. You will not be able to create another body with the low levels of Orgotox and Lengox, so these need replacing before you can continue.

And we need to get some Silken. You can’t have no hair, Nebs. We’ll have to turn around and go back to the space dock. That’s the only option.

You have forgotten we cannot go back, Alnold. The wormhole that catapulted us across to the far side of the Angelsea Cluster of Universes was only one-way. And even if we could get back to it, it was destroyed by the emergence of the Pinktop Eye Black Hole. Space dock C, Homeworld, the Alliance of Planets were all consumed. There is nothing to go back to.

I hadn’t forgotten that, Nebula. How could I?

You said –

I know what I said, Nebs. It wasn’t one of my better jokes.


It’s OK Nebs.

Alnold, I was going to say that over on the far side of this galaxy is a planet rich in carbon-based Orgol. From that we could create synthetic Orgotox and Lengox. If we get enough of it, we could even create a synthetic version of that too. Then Silken will be the only issue.

Well, your suggestion is better than mine, Nebs! Let’s head over to that planet and see what we can get!

Plotting a course now, Alnold.

So another adventure begins. Or does it? What will Alnold find on this planet? Will it be occupied? Will the occupants be friendly? Welcoming? Perhaps these answers will be revealed in the next enthralling chapter yet… coming soon!

If you need to know what has happened so far, the previous parts can be found in the Storylines menu. Click HERE!

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