Pick a straw. Any straw.

OK, that one!

Take a closer look.

It might look better in the light.

Oops. Don’t cut the top off! Try again.

That’s better! Look at it from a slightly different angle.

Now bring in a prop.

Try to take the photo as though it’s a fine portrait.

Or from a jaunty angle.

And then fade away into the ether.

Or by the magic of adding a little more light, if said ether isn’t available!

Obviously, there are more tops than turves in this tale of a single straw wanting to break away from the rest, become a star, and rise to the top.

This is another post for Becky’s Square Top challenge, but this time it is in response to an additional challenge Becky set me to make a single straw become a great square. I don’t know whether I succeeded in that, but I had fun creating the photos for this post.

Click the panel below to go to Becky’s site:

 Squares header Logo!

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