My romp through the world of Classical Art continues again this week, with Thomasina posing for her interpretation of Claude Monet’s oil on canvas painting ‘Woman With A Parasol’, ‘Madame Monet With Her Son’, or ‘The Stroll / La Promenade’ (it goes by many names). Originally painted in 1875, Thomasina’s version was finished last Tuesday. Well, truth be told, it was finished on the Tuesday when my internet went down, but last Tuesday sounds so much better.

Eagle-eyed visitors who know the painting (or this version of it, there are a few!) will notice that the son is missing. As Thomasina doesn’t have a son, she didn’t want one including in the picture. Other eagle-eyed visitors may also notice that the Sun is missing, when in actual fact it isn’t and is merely hidden behind all that cloud. As Thomasina herself said “It’s due rain, so I’d best take me brolly with me.” And this Reimagined Classic was born. She also said “Make me look thin.” which makes this painting not an actual likeness… but given that that’s the general rule of thumb with the paintings in this series, it kind of fits.

I think my issues with my nightmare painting have now been addressed, so I don’t feel as bad about having to post that particular one, which, believe you me, is more than a blessing. That painting, however, is coming up.

Another painting will be along next week, subject to the usual external factors.

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