With beanie hat in tow (with a pair of old tights tied on top) Thomasina (my Inner Woman) reappeared this week demanding another portrait be made. You can’t refuse such a request. Really, you can’t. I have tried.

Ripping the Mona Thomasina out of the frame, Thomasina said “We’ll use this again. And for the next three.” Which was her way of telling me she wanted another three portraits doing. “For this run!” she adds. See? Refusal is not an option.

This rip off version of a classic is based upon Girl with a Pearl Earring, an oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, dated around 1665. There is a movie of the same name, starring Colin Firth (as Vermeer, not the girl!), which wasn’t the inspiration for this picture, as I haven’t seen that movie. The painting wasn’t named as such when it was first done, but this is the name it currently holds.

As with last week’s painting, this week’s is slightly similar yet totally different once again to the original to which upon it is based. Thomasina is looking the wrong way for starters. She’s also wearing that hat and tights combo, and her earring most definitely isn’t pearl. It’s a clip-on one. And this painting isn’t done in oils.

Just so you’re forewarned… there is a nightmare of a painting coming up. I almost replaced this one with that one, just to get it out of the way… but I think best left until the very last minute is the wisest option. Honestly, it’s the stuff of nightmares. Once seen, it can never be unseen. But Thomasina likes it.

And what Thomasina likes… well. Wait and see.

I shall apologise now.

There will, however, be another ‘respectable’ painting along next week.

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    1. If you don’t like you don’t need to click ‘like’ – it isn’t compulsory.
      It’s like the old thumbs up/thumbs down ‘Rate This’ thingy that I managed to get rid of from my blog – although where I feel the ‘Rate This’ thingy served no purpose, in my opinion, the likes can be used as a type of calling card, and this is how I view them.
      My creativity levels are soaring at present, Beverly, so no worries there, although from your recent comments I’m gathering that you aren’t enjoying my creativity right now. I’m sorry about this.

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  1. Must be tough living with such a pushy and demanding soul within…I think I’d kick her butt to the curb real quick! BTW, love the Vermeer painting you spoke of. One of my favorites. I’ve read a book that told the story as well. Have not seen the film. Thanks for sharing TL…Awaiting the horror show to come….VK

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    1. Thanks, VK. Most of the pushiness has been added ‘for dramatic effect’, to keep the story moving along at a quicker pace! Some of the ‘Reimagined Classics’, well most of them, have been a joy to create. The horror show, however, is causing me issues. I think it needs a bit of censoring before I post it; but that’s a few weeks away so there’s time to decide.
      I thought there must have been a book as well, with there being the film – although I’ve not seen it.
      Enjoy your Sunday, VK.

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