Look Waddles, it’s sunny over there
Bright and warm with a breeze in the air
The water’s blue and horizon’s clear
Totally different from over here

Yet the snow is crisp and dazzling white
The stars are shooting and shining bright
The cottage is warm with a welcoming glow
Home’s where the heart is, don’t you know?

Sandcastles and snowballs
Darkness and light
Long hot days
And cold dark nights
Balanced and even
Come what may
All have a bright side
To enjoy, I say!

Weekly challenge

Posted in response to Hélène’s latest challenge and delightful image. The link the Hélène’s site is just above!

34 thoughts

  1. It is a beautifully written poem, Tom. It gives me a positive outlook that in the end it all balances out. Thank you for joining in the challenge.

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  2. It’s all in how you view life…We are in control but don’t seem to realize it…Looking for the bright side becomes the way you view life after a while if you keep reminding yourself to do it. Change your thoughts change your life 🙂 Great picture you chose TL…Great words as well…VK

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  3. Love that image Tom😀 Great to see a positive outlook and the recognition that there is a bright side even when initially the grass looks much greener on the other side of the fence. Always good to appreciate what we have where we are but often so easily unnoticed!🙂

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