I remember a while back the UK’s skies were full of sand from the Sahara, and everywhere was cast in an eerie yellowish tint. The sand content in the air was so high we were able to look directly at the mid-day Sun without any kind of protection (which, obviously, should really never be done) Above is a photo of the Sun that I took that day… but even though I remember writing about it on the blog, I can’t seem to find when exactly that was. Perhaps if you were in the UK at that time you could refresh my memory?

Posted for Becky’s #timesquare (Link below)

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    1. CM! Thank you!!!
      I searched high and low for this, even using the keyword ‘Sun’ but the search thingy just would not find it! It must have been using one of the larger search engine’s options of returning what it thinks I want rather than what I want! Algorithms, hey?
      Hope you are well! 🙂

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