Following on somewhat from my previous post, and quite bizarrely considering the only link is the date, I’ve joined Becky’s photo challenge once again. December Squares is the challenge to post photos during December on the subject of time and clocks. The catch is that the photos must be square.

I may not be able to post every day. I may not even be able to post every week, but we will have to see about that. Today, however, I can post. And that post consists of a simple photo of my mobile phone. The time can also be the date.

I think long and hard for some of these photos, you know. #timesquare

Visit Becky’s site for more takes on the theme, the above will link to her first post.

9 thoughts

  1. Tempus Fugits as it May and all our dreams do fade away and with them our immortality.

    Ian (Prenin) Shaw.

    Good shot Tom – As I said: you have a good eye and imagination! 🙂 ❤

    Have a great weekend!!!


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