Dear Me,
Oh, deary, deary me! Indeed… but wait! No need to be facetious, all things considered. You are doing perfectly fine just as you are. There is no need to control everything that happens. There is no need to understand the actions of everybody. There is no need to change your mind because somebody tells you to. You are fine just as you are. No… not fine. Perfect. Even with the flaws, you are still perfect.

Dear Storm Diana,
I’m confused. Did you blow through? Are you still blowing through? Did you blow hot and cold? If it was you on Thursday morning, your winds were very warm indeed… much too warm for this time of the year. But that said, you were a pleasant surprise.

Dear Cyclists,
I know that I cannot control a single thing that you want to do, but I can offer you a piece of advice, should you feel the need to take it (for your own safety more than anything else!) When you are riding on a dark evening, in the midst of ferocious winds and teeming rain, on a busy road, dressed in black, one-handed whilst speaking on a mobile phone, would it not be a good idea to turn your lights on? I think so. For your own safety, more than anything else.

Dear Cyclists,
When you finally turn your lights on, would it not be slightly more courteous to use the one which stays on all of the time for the other road users, rather than using the intense strobe light setting? Your flashing light momentarily distracted me as I was driving earlier and I could easily have not seen the cyclist mentioned in the previous letter. Luckily his lack of light made him stand out in the darkness, but only because his silhouette partially covered a sop window I was passing.

Dear Pedestrians,
Could you please let me know why, when you diagonally cross a road, ambling at a snail’s pace, you are always walking away from the direction of traffic that is moving your way? You seem to do so without a care in the world, even though you know that a huge motorised vehicle is just behind you.  When I was younger I was taught the Green Cross Code on how to cross a road, and still use those rules to this day. You may think me old fashioned, but that’s your problem!

Dear Christmas Decorations,
I’m loving seeing your colours springing up everywhere now that we are in the last few days of NOVEMBER.

Dear  Sleep,
You have been fabulous of late. Most refreshing and I (eventually) wake Feeling Good. I seem to be having strange dreams at the time the alarm goes off though, and in my blurry-eyed dream state it takes me a good half hour to realise it is the alarm that is sounding… even though I seem to subconsciously hit the snooze button every five minutes. Do you think you could look into this for me? I’d do it myself, but I’m just loving the sleep.

And Finally, Dear The News,
I’m going to have to stop watching you again. I am very confused with how you report your stories. One report you are pro ‘this’, and in the next you are against ‘that’. You love to report on people’s failures and downfalls, and seem to be constantly trickling worrisome messages embedded within your stories. You seem to relish on broadcasting state secrets and, in my opinion, you make the country look like a laughing stock showing how everyone is fighting for their version of Brexit. Sigh. I’d rather not know, but having said that, by watching your version of events I’m none the wiser anyway!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. Hello Blogland! Please don’t mind my wafflings in this week’s Letters. I’m just ironing a few things out, that’s all… least of all my brow, which for some reason is all the more furrowed. Next week, I shall write letters to more light-hearted recipients. We do prefer light around here, don’t we?

Happy Weekend!

12 thoughts

  1. Hey TL….What did you do to the candles??? All wavey and strange…Leave it to you to create a new look! I hear you on the news. I can’t watch any of it any longer. The insanity is so intense I end up twisted in knots…And so I have silenced the big black box and all is well 🙂 Use your news time to inundate the mansion with Christmas cheer and bright colors. All will be well. Good luck and happy weekending my friend…VK

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    1. Thanks, VK. You too have a good weekend!
      I have some new software which I’m trying out on various pictures… goodness knows what we’re going to end up with! 😀
      And yes… the decorations are going up as I type.

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  2. Hear hear on the subject of cyclists! I’ve lost count of the number of times I have narrowly avoided missing someone because they are riding an unlit bike wearing dark clothes at night! The flashing lamps are dangerous, in my view, and the strobing effect could actually induce a migraine in some people. 😦
    I gave up watching the news some time ago and feel much less stressed as a result. 🙂

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    1. I’m a little on the nosy side, Elaine, so I find myself being inexplicably drawn to the news for some reason, and then think to myself, after watching it, that I shouldn’t be watching the news. It is better not to watch it, though, because I feel it is full of biased mis-information. So I’m led to believe…
      And yes – those cyclists have a lot to answer to!


  3. I feel the same as you do about the news… and about cyclists. But that’s one thing that continues to astonish me about living here on the West Coast: Unlike in Calgary, here most cyclists wear bright fluorescent safety vests, and so do pedestrians at night. It’s VERY dark here – it’s a small population so not many streetlights, and it’s difficult to see when the rain is pouring down onto shiny black pavement – so I’m overjoyed that people seem to make an extra effort not to become hood ornaments. I love it here!

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    1. Well, good for those thoughtful cyclists, Diane. I will not include them in my generalisation.
      I drove passed a couple (A COUPLE!!!) of dark-clad cyclists the other night, riding the wrong way on the wrong side of the road. One was even riding no-handed, as he was sending a text message on his mobile phone! I mean to say…!


  4. Hi Tom!!! 🙂 ❤

    Yes, it WAS crazy weather to be out in!!! :/

    Cyclist using phone while without lights and with dark clothing?

    Sounds like somebody tired of living!!! LOL!!! 🙂 ❤

    Yes those strobe lights are a pain aren’t they? :/

    I was coming back from the Medical centre one summers day and it was throwing out time at the School and we had a 11 year old lad walk DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD with traffic heading both ways!!!

    My driver used what distinctly sounded like: “Get of the Farkin’ Road!!!”

    But the teenager just looked over his shoulder rather blankly.

    It was only when we passed and I got a look at his eyes that I realised he was stoned out of his gourd!!! :/

    As for the Christmas decorations?

    One of my neighbours has theirs up all year round because they have nowhere to store them!

    It IS an impressive display – or was 20 years ago…

    I agree about sleep and I envy you: I get two hours if I’m lucky, so I wake, do whatever I need to do on my email, blog and Facebook, go back to sleep for another two hours (it IS sometimes possible to wake, take a leak, get a sip of water, then go back to sleep again – sometimes.

    I’ve stopped playing on my PS3 and it is unplugged because I don’t need to block my thoughts anymore, so I watch stuff on the News, (yes it IS confusing unless you sit there for half an hour, so I read the Red Button headlines on BBC News 24, preferably during the sports news), then see what I can find.

    Doctor Who episodes are OK a couple of times, but I found my You View Box had access to the old B&W ‘Quatermass And The Pit’ six part series so I was in Science Fiction Heaven!!!

    Of course, by the time that had finished I needed to sleep again and when I woke the usual Recycled Teenagers were up and about, so lots of fun!

    Hope you get a better sleep pattern my friend, I used to avoid caffeine from 4pm onwards and have bought four 3 Litre bottles of No Added Sugar cordial of different flavours, so I am no longer aging due to the chemical preservatives!!!

    Because of the Amitriptyline I have a dry mouth and the same issue with my eyes, so I keep a pint of cordial handy (with water added naturally) and bought a mist spray which I can use on closed eyes (I can’t use drops because I can’t keep my eyes open to use them).

    Have a great week my friend!!! 🙂 ❤


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    1. I think, Prenin, as time is getting on, folk are tending to think less. Although I may be overthinking this… 😉
      The sleeping’s fine at the moment, thanks for asking. Well, I think it is, anyway…

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