Dear The Letters To The Universe ‘Regular’ Feature,
Welcome back! It has certainly been a while, hasn’t it? May 4th was the last edition of the last run, if my computer is working correctly. Still, however long ago was the last edition, it is good to be back with this one! Here we go again!

Dear Brexit,
My word! What a palaver! Get a move on, will you? And PLEASE stop talking about another referendum. The decision was made. Move on. Get on. And let’s move forward. Crikey!

Dear You Tube,
Why did you play that earworm of a song, “What’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her?”? I MAY have inadvertently clicked on the wrong link, but even so. That song is buzzing around my head now. And what does it actually mean? (I’m asking myself that, You Tube, so you do not need to reply!)

Dear Dark Evenings,
You’re making the streets like carparks at the moment, I wonder why that is? Whatever the reason, it’s pandemonium out there and a lot of dillops are  discovering their fraying tempers again. Could you please ease off a little? And pass the message on to your companion, the Dark Mornings… I’ve noticed the same thing creeping in there lately as well.

Dear The Word Pandemonium,
Such a fabulous word you are! You describe perfectly what you mean in a nut shell.

Dear Blogland,
Do you remember a ‘dillop’ is one of my words that I’ve created? It is… it means a rude and/or discourteous road user. I’ve seen many of them of late, with their frayed tempers. Brexit must be getting to them, I feel. Dillops – chill out! We’re all in the same boat! (Well car… er road… you know what I mean!)

Dear Sunset,
How gorgeous can you be? You were simply stunning earlier this week. I took a photo from the Place of W… I couldn’t resist!

And Finally, Dear Duck,
I’m sorry I had no snacks for you the other day, but thank you for being ever so gracious and posing so wonderfully for me to take a few photos of you. You really are fabulous!

Thank you for reading,

P.S. The weekend is upon us once again… so that means  it’s time to do our usual weekend stuff… ensuring, obviously, that we have fun doing it! Enjoy! And remember to take as much time as possible to smile. Just a simple smile… even one tiny smile… will make a world of difference.

Happy Weekend!

12 thoughts

  1. Smiling over here in Aus with our warm summer daylight evenings. Sending positive thoughts re your Brexit fiasco.. love the sunset and the duck pose, just beautiful. Great advice to keep smiling, it’s my motto too.

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    1. Hi Deb!
      Long time no see! How are you?! 😀
      I’m out of sorts in Blogland at present so I’m not ‘getting around’ as much as I used to… but I am working on changing that!
      Brexit’s ‘fun’! Hehehe! 😀
      And oh yes… keep smiling is such a good motto!

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  2. I often wonder what the universe is thinking about everything going on…I know I get frustrated because we are taking so long to catch on and move forward, imagine what the universe is feeling! Primitive beings run wild.. Keep seeing the good things. Happy Weekend to you as well….VK 🙂

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  3. Those dark mornings and evenings are tiresome, but at least we’ll be putting up Christmas lights in another couple of weeks. A few cheery coloured lights help get us through the dark days. And I love your duck photo – so pretty with the bright leaves in the foreground! 🙂

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