Just a quick catch up post, and a breather from Hallowe’en, in a roundabout way.

I’m still busy away from Blogland right now, but I am managing to get a few more posts posted, a few more blogs visited, and a few more comments and/or replies made. I’m still not at the level I used to be at, but I’m getting there.

At least I’m doing what I’m doing, and I’m doing what I can do, no more, no less. Which shows balance is there. I’m not over-blogging, or under-doing anything else, so it’s all good. Besides, variety is the spice of life, apparently.

Now that the Bathroom is completed, my next big job is my mouth. Yes, I’m having work done to / on / under my teeth, so it’s all good. At least I did it this way around, and didn’t have the teeth removed and then the Bathroom fitted. Hehe! The old ones are still great, even now! Jokes, not teeth. Erm, I digress.

With all of this away-from-Blogland stuff going on, I’m also putting the finishing touches onto this year’s Hallowe’en Spectacular. As usual, I shall be posting a multi-parter, starting this year at 6PM UK time. Unfortunately, the times for the later posts have to be a little haphazard to fit them all in by midnight, as there are twenty-two parts. Twenty-two!!!  There has to be so many parts to fit the whole story in, which features the superheroes from the Elite Force of Britain, and several new characters. Well, I do like a challenge for the night of Hallowe’en.

Don’t forget, if you hear some odd wails and blood-curdling howls over the next few weeks, it may not be as sinister as it first sounds… it may merely be me having something drilled into a tooth or two. Mwahahaha.

If I don’t get to comment before, although I really think I should be able to do so, I will wish you all a Happy Halloween here and now. Then, I can do it all over again nearer the night.

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  1. Love to hear alls well and you are busy decorating the mansion too.. Hope those teeth sparkle too 🙂
    Balance is everything Tom.. I often try to balance and often fail as I end up running around in circles.. Its good to be within the Mansion again Tom.. And I just love your SPooky posts.. ❤ 😀

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