The sound of the bells ringing twelve carried across the graveyard, through the murky grey mist that had decided to settle. Muffled, the heart of the sound was more prominent than the fuzzy, frayed edges to the deep and echoey tolls.

The rustle and scraping of footsteps through fallen leaves swiftly brought my attention to something closer.

Who’d be walking through the graveyard at this time?

I’d never get to know.

The whispered hiss that came from this approaching stranger made me jump to my feet and flee without looking back.

Ghost-hunting is better indoors anyway, on nights like this.

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  1. In our local graveyard there is a very big and prolific nut tree.

    Two of the local teenagers decided to harvest the nuts and soon had two buckets full.

    As they reached a spot near the hedge, one said to the other: “Let’s share them here before we go home.”

    As they settled down to count their harvest two of the nuts rolled under the hedge and onto the footpath.

    At this point another, younger, boy was walking past and he heard: “One for you and one for me, one for you and one for me.”

    “Oh NO!!!” The lad thought to himself: “It’s Saint Peter and the Devil sharing out the souls of the dead!”

    He ran back the way he came and met with an arthritic old man shuffling along with his cane, so he told him what he had seen.

    “Don’t bother me with such foolishness!” The Old Man snapped: “Go find somebody else to torment!”

    But the young lad persuaded him to come and see for himself.

    As they reached the hedge, the Old Man could Clearly here the voice saying: “One for you and one for me.”

    “Boy you weren’t fooling after all!” The Old Man whispered: “It’s the two of them sharing out the souls of the dead – let’s see if we can watch them!”

    As they tried to peer through the hedge, they heard: “OK that’s almost it. Lets get those two nuts behind the hedge and we’ll be done!”

    Apparently the old man got back to the town ten minutes ahead of the boy! 🙂 ❤

    God Bless! 🙂 ❤


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