Twenty-two totally different(ish) watercolour paintings, a new Bathroom with a boxed-in Vortex, a fabulously eventful trip down Memory Lane coupled with a complete clutter clear-out (which is still ongoing, so not as complete as initially thought!), the creation of an Art Room in the Mansion (well, on the Landing, but that is where all the action is!) and a new header logo for the blog.

Now all that’s needed is new content… comment replies… blog visits… a little more time… and then we’re back to blogging again.

Keep your eyes peeled… I’m coming back!

Can you believe it’s August already???

16 thoughts

  1. Hey TL….That is a massive amount accomplished! Just the artwork alone is amazing then everything else thrown in. Wow! Busy Boy…Glad you are acknowledging all you’ve done. Be proud 🙂 Happy weekend ahead…Stay cool…VK

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  2. Well da*n and blast it. I missed World Watercolour Month! But … I’ve got a note from my mother. So am off the hook. (still cross with myself that I missed it, though).

    GREAT paintings Tom. The boats are amazing. LOVE the heart(s) one. There’s something about it which holds me. The fabulous elf one is … well, fabulous! Love the river and rocks painting. Aw … I could go on, but I’ll sum up and say that each one has great merit an made an impression upon me.

    Well done Tom. This is something you should be doing more often. You obviously enjoy it, and you have a talent for it.~ Cobs. 🙂

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        1. Okeydokey.
          Should I remember next year, I shall start to mention things just a little earlier.
          I could also start painting a little earlier as well, which should help. Hmmm… Cobs, there’s an idea!

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