The View

I’ve just done a pile of washing and mopped the Bathroom floor, and decided I wanted to rest a little by sploshing some watercolour around… handy, considering it’s #WorldWatercolorMonth!

For this painting, my eleventh of eleven, if memory serves me right, is of a simple view out to sea. I found a lighthouse on th’internet and painted it into a scene from my imagination. I quite like how it turned out.  Although I don’t like the wonky photo I’ve taken of it!

18 Comments on “The View

  1. You are knocking my socks off with your watercolors this year!!!! And after laundry and mopping no less……….. and 11 for 11!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I did the same again, Jodi, and then had to abandon World Watercolour Month this time around. Ah well… it was fun while it lasted!


  2. Energetic you are and so is the painting. I do love the way you painted the white clouds in that beautiful sky.

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  3. This does serve to illustrate that you were, at that stage anyway, a better painter than a photographer. This image obviously doesn’t do the pleasing picture justice.

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