I don’t think the flash on my cracked mobile phone likes my watercolour paintings. Or maybe it’s my computer screen, which seems to enhance every flaw in the painting as it displays it at 500% magnification. Although maybe, it may be my slightly less than perfect eyesight which tricks me into believing that the watercolour looks done, when it well and truly isn’t.

Having only an hour to paint these, though, it’s hardly surprising they’re rushed and unfinished, but, and this is a big but, practice makes perfect. If I can paint a spectacular watercolour in an hour, I’ll be happy. If I can paint a spectacular watercolour in an hour I’ll also be a miracle worker, but we’ll not go there. Not this time.

The alternative title to this watercolour was going to be ‘boulders by the shore’ but it didn’t garner the kind of image I was going for.

All that said, I had great fun once again creating this picture for #WorldWatercolorMonth. It really is a splendid way to spend an hour, regardless of the end result!

And by my reckoning, that makes it seven out of seven. I’m doing fabulous!

13 thoughts

  1. Great one TL….I can see a vast improvement in your work. Between the details and shadows and life like qualities you are moving ahead in more depth…Keep at it. You are cultivating great discipline. Happy weekend…VK 🙂

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  2. It’s a great achievement to turn out a watercolour in an hour! I have to poke at mine for much longer; and when I come back to look at them the next day with a fresh eye, I have to poke at them some more. Maybe when I’ve done as many as you have, I’ll get faster!

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