The power is around us
Always changing yet always staying the same
Constant in simplicity
Simple in its constancy
And all is connected
Like the links in a chain

Energy surges
Sprouts forth from all matter
Rank and file
In its own time
And space
A sage old friend
Not pressed for urgency

A quiet voice
The tip of a Universal iceberg
Bagged and boxed and visible
And hidden
And mysterious
And intriguing
And all knowing
Whispers one word.


Universal energy.
All of it. There. Here. Now.

18 thoughts

  1. It was good to see how you used the word sprout which may have deterred some writers, many of them no doubt traumatized by having to eat sprouts as a child and hating them. Power as in politicians is strange as having achieved ruling power they then proceed to make everybody hate them and still expect support at the next election merely by them wielding a whip to prove they really are in control assuming anyone voting for them must be barmy. Sorry I have ranted too long.

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    1. Rant away, OldEgg… no worries there!
      Yes, ‘sprout’ could have been troublesome, I agree. As to the politicians, well, they seem to live in their own world, don’t they?


  2. According to all the stuff I have read the Universe is a mass of energy at different states which why we can now create matter from energy and matter into energy, but nobody can explain how, at sub-atomic levels the universe is in a state of chaos, yet is stable at higher levels! πŸ™‚

    We need a whole new level of physics to explain it!!! πŸ™‚

    God Bless!


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    1. I just like being kept in awe by it all, Prenin. I think it will lose some of its magic when I understand it more! (Notice I say ‘when’ and not ‘if’… and I just remembered I wanted to record The Sky At Night which I’d forgotten – but discovered it is on again later, so that’s all good! Phew!)

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      1. Patrick Moor was asked what steps could be taken if a large asteroid was to hit the Earth.

        He replied: “Repeat after me: Our Father Who Art In Heaven’… πŸ™‚

        I miss him dreadfully…

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