Back once again to One Word Sunday. Debbie’s theme for this week is Abstinence, and there is nothing that displays abstinence more than an empty glass (in my opinion) – well, apart from an unopened bottle of something. However, unopened bottles of something may ‘accidentally’ be opened, whereas an empty glass is always empty until it is filled. Or half-filled, if you like things that way!

Better to be half-full than half-empty, I feel. And like a blank canvas, an empty glass is still full – of numerous possibilities!

Visit Debbie’s site for more takes on the theme.

13 Comments on “Abstinence

  1. Refillable! Of course now the concern is with leaded glass and the dangers for our health, but so is plastic. Good grief…danger is all around us.

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  2. Definitely half-full for me too (well full really, but you know what I mean!) I liked the simplicity of your emptiness Tom (much better than your absence)

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    • I did think about this one, Debbie – normally I just take/post a photo that fits the theme, but this one I planned it out! 😀
      And it’s good to be back again! 😀


  3. Good choice Tom! 🙂

    I was offered half a glass of water at an interview and I was asked: “Do you think the glass is half full or half empty?”

    I drank the water and said: “I’m a problem solver!” 🙂

    Still didn’t get the bloody job though… 🙂

    God Bless!


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    • Certainly not, Eugenia! 😀
      (I had to look up the meaning of ceno… ce .. sillo… phobia – that word – you learn something new every day!)


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