Halloween at Mystic Springs: The Introduction (pt.2)

Welcome to the spooky isle of Mystic Springs, a small island hidden in the Mersey Estuary. Hidden by the same phenomena that make the Bermuda Triangle what it is, but on a much smaller scale. Only one craft can appear and disappear in this place, and that is a magically attuned rowing boat. More on this, and the boat’s ‘hot’ rower later.

We have visited Mystic Springs earlier, and got to know, of a fashion, the residents of the island’s one and only street.

Our host today simply must be Agnes Ontario. The kind lady who sees far more than through her physical eyes. Here she is now…

Hiya Kid! Come in! Come in!

Make yerself a cuppa – whatever ya want – you know where the kettle and things are. It’s lovely to see you ‘ere – on ‘allowe’en an’ all! Smashin’! Me an’ the neighbours ‘ave got together to create this little ‘allowe’en special for you. We ‘ope you like it. It’s jast a bit o’fun an’ all, but ‘opefully somethin’ a tad different.

I ‘ope your journey ‘ere was a good ‘un. An’ our boatman, Sydney Feelgood, got yer hearts poundin’ an’ pulses racin’ did he? He does us all the time. Even when he isn’t in ‘is boat and just walkin’ down the street. I think it’s the way he wears his shirts, but the others say it’s ‘is smile or personality or tight jeans. Or ‘is jet black hair all styled nice – or not – ‘owever he wears it. And ‘is face. His face. Wow. Chiselled. Piercin’ blue eyes. Ah. Sorry. You’ve already seen ‘im, so you know what I’m warblin’ on about. You’ll ‘ave that picture in yer mind’s eye for a while now. He tends to linger just a bit. Oh, an’ boys… don’t you worry now – you aren’t ‘goin’ wrong’ if ‘e isn’t your normal type – ‘e ‘as that affect on everyone, even the cats’n’dogs stop and watch ‘im walkin’ by.

But enough about Sydney – I could go on about ‘im for hours, but we only ‘ave a few and time is startin’ to get on already. We will be poppin’ round to Sydney’s later; ‘e wants to take us round the back of ‘is shed!

Also comin’ up tonight – I sound like one of them telly folk, don’t I? – the Grumbellses will be playin’ virtual statues, Adam Mirage will be providin’ a bit of music, Doctor Felix will be takin’ us back in time, Amy Brock will be providin’ a bit of history about Mystic Springs, I’ll be providin’ a rather special card readin’, and Mr Beckwith will be along with a few nibbles.

It’s a packed night. And, if you are readin’ after ‘allowe’en, you’ll notice that all the links will ‘ave been added to the above sections, and the above sections will all link to each other.

It’s too much fer one of these blog posts (I sound quite – what’s the word I’m searchin’ for? Trekkie? – Trekkie, don’t I?) so ther’e’ll be a few throughout the evenin’, endin’ at the Witchin’ Hour itself. I always thought that were eleven o’clock, but folk around ‘ere tell me it’s midnight. I’m normally well away, tucked up in me bed by then, but as tonight’s a special one, I’ll stay up. And I’ll be poppin’ in throughout the evenin’ as well.

See you later. Ooh, I do ‘ope you’re ‘avin’ fun!

11 Comments on “Halloween at Mystic Springs: The Introduction (pt.2)

    • These posts can be read in any order, Beverly, it’s only the introductions to each post that sort of continue on.
      They probably make a little more sense reading in reverse anyway!

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  1. Love your stories Tom! 🙂

    Pity you haven’t sat down and written a book – you have the imagination! 🙂

    God Bless!


    Liked by 1 person

    • I had signed up to start NANOWRIMO this year, Prenin, but doing Inktober kind of put me off doing something constantly for the whole month. A book is trying to get out, Prenin… I just need to let it!

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