Halloween at Mystic Springs: Agnes Ontario

Hiya kid! Welcome back!

It’s my turn now, and I do ‘ope you’ve been enjoyin’ your visits ‘ere to the island. As I’ve said, we are a friendly bunch and do love your visits whenever, however and for how long you visit.

That goes for Tom’s blog as well, by the way. ‘E isn’t ‘ere right now, but I know that ‘e too appreciates the time you spend visiting ‘is little part of – now what does ‘e call it? Blogland? Blogland. Just thought I’d mention that.

‘Appy ‘Allowe’en, by the way. I’ve ‘ad such a great time this year, and I’m still full from that buffet Mr Beckwith made. It was themed for ‘Allowe’en, with things made to look like eyes and frogs and wands an’ lizards an’ things. At least I think they were made to look that way.

Jus’ my little joke there – just kiddin’! No, the food was lovely.

Now, you know a little more about us on Mystic Springs, don’t you? We’re just a normal bunch of neighbours ‘oove lived on the island for a few years, so to speak. We all ‘ave somethin’ different to give to each other, an’ that’s why we get on so well. I wouldn’t live anywhere else, even though I do like goin’ to the mainland every now and then. And that ‘as nothing to do with Sydney either, before you say anythin’. ‘E’s far too young for me anyway.

As you know by now, if you didn’t already, I can’t see through my normal eyes, but I can see very clearly through my mind’s eye. Doctor Felix ‘as very often offered somethin’ to bring me normal sight back, but I’m ‘appy just the way I am. You may call me daft, but it’s what I’m used to, and at my grand age I’m ‘appy for things to stay as they are. I also see other visitors through my mind’s eye as well, like Emerelda, for example.

Now, for my section, I’d like to give you a little gift. Just for fun, it can be used like your own little ‘oroscope, if you like. It’s a tool for, you know, the times when you’re ponderin’ whether to go this way or that, or ‘ave the need of somethin’ to maybe give you a burst of inspiration, or an answer for somethin’?

Like a crystal ball, if you will, only in card form. Well, computer card form. An Oracle. There. That was what I was tryin’ to say.

This link will take you back Within the Sphere (apparently long time visitors to Tom’s blog will remember it was called that for a while) for a special set of cards that are randomly selected, at random (well, as random as the computer can be!), that may help to give you a pointer for the thing you’re ponderin’ over.

Maybe you can’t decide between red or blue? The answers may ‘elp.

Maybe you want just one message which will brighten your day? The cards may ‘elp with this.

Maybe you want an answer to a question… the cards may ‘elp ‘ere, but be careful. The cards are pointers, not the be all and end all, and are provided just for fun.

Maybe you just want to see what message comes through. The cards may make some sense if you read them in turn, but it’s all down to your interpretation.

Think of them as one of those magic eight balls from a few years ago, with better answers than ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’.

I’m endin’ with doin’ my own general readin’ from the cards – let’s see what they say… I’m jus’ goin’ into italics again…

Be patient. Feel the magic and then shine your light. Remember it is always darkest before dawn, when the light returns once again. The cards are emphasising this. Be positive. Be creative. Shine your light and reflect on what you do to both yourself and the rest of the world. Be positive. Show forgiveness. Listen. Relax. Have fun. Just be you. And now the Stop card has appeared.

Ooo – that’s a nice readin’! But it’s all down to interpretation, really.

I do ‘ope you’ve enjoyed tonight’s posts, and spendin’ time ‘ere on Mystic Springs – we’ve all enjoyed spendin’ time with you! I’m not sure when we’ll be back, or even if we will be, but that’s fine… that uncertainty is just as important a step through life as the memories we make along the way. Enjoy your uncertainties, enjoy your memories and enjoy your life!

And, for the last time…

‘Appy ‘Allowe’en!

7 Comments on “Halloween at Mystic Springs: Agnes Ontario

  1. I was given an old pack of Tarot cards (Major and Minor Arcana) which I used for some time, then realised I didn’t really need them as meditation worked for me! 🙂

    Love the island folks: Pity I cannot travel there and say hi! 🙂

    God Bless!


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