I really like finding images that link to Debbie’s one word photo themes, but in abstract ways. Debbie’s theme this week is ‘Arch’, and at first I struggled to think of anything that I could use to contribute. I was all prepared to head deep into the Cheshire Countryside, to Twemlow, where there’s viaduct with many arches, when I suddenly remembered my walk through another part of Cheshire at the beginning of the year. There was one photo in particular that I remembered had a branch of a tree arching over a stream. I found the photo, and found that the branch looked most unlike an arch yet the stream did! So, and I’m going out on a limb here (hehehe  – see what I did there?!) I present my version of ‘Arch’:

About the image:

Photo taken using Galaxy Note 4 mobile phone, January 2017.


  1. Oh, well done Tom!
    This is becoming a bit of a challenge for me too now – what one word can I choose to get something really abstract out of Tom?

    And I like this – seems that the stream was competing with the branch – and won!

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    1. It did in the end, Debbie, as I was sure the branch looked more like the arch!
      I’m sure you’ll catch me out one day… although I have started thinking further outside the box! Hehehe!


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