Debbie’s one-word photo theme this week sounds easy, but it is a particularly tricky one. Fire.

I was debating at first whether to photograph a lit candle, and focus on the fire within the flame, but I thought that would be a little obvious. Then, I remembered the photos I took of one of the glorious sunsets just before Christmas. The Sun itself is a huge ball of fire, and it can cast a spectacular magical spell over the sky sometimes. In this particular sunset, the sky itself was lit up in all of the colours visible in a flame; blues and whites, reds, yellows and oranges. It didn’t last long, and was soon replaced by the deep blues and blacks of the cooler evening, but whilst it was taking place, I was witness the the fire that burns throughout the natural world. So, in response to the theme ‘Fire’, I present just the sky. In all of its magical glory.


    1. Thanks, Debbie. I struggled to find something for this theme, so I’m pleased I remembered this. Arch is proving tricky as well. But I’m hopeful I’ll find something…


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