This week’s one-word theme over on Debbie’s blog is ‘Stripes’, so here is my response. I like how I can get my mobile phone into the most unusual of places, for example up close to a purple flower! From a distance, the petals have a silky appearance, but closer inspection reveals their subtle stripes. You could, at a push, even go as far to say that the centre has a striped appearance as well, but there are definite stripes on them there petals!


  1. Oh yes, most definitely stripes. It was the black central stripes that caught my eye first, but the detail of the purple petals is gorgeous. If we pay attention (and use our technology) we can really appreciate the world.
    Thanks for entering the challenge again Tom.

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    1. And thanks again for providing the challenge, Debbie! Next week’s seems tricky, but I’ll see what I can find! 😀
      And I agree with you… if we just focus a little closer on the world around us we start to see magic.

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