My search for eternal happiness brings me once again looking at this view of home. All of the things that annoy me, worry me, stress me out, bother me, frustrate me or downright infuriate me are down there somewhere. I can’t see them from this vantage point, and I’m very happy about that. They are so insignificant they aren’t worth the bother. The thing is, the outcomes of my dreams and desires and wants and needs are down there also… well, in a future somewhere down there. I can’t see them from this viewpoint either. I may as well let them go as well. At least this way, I’m not hung up on the outcomes of those dreams, so if they happen they happen, if not there’s room for something else, something better to happen. Oops. Can’t get too hung up on that alternate future either!

Life is too short to be hung up on things… to be annoyed by things… to be dreaming, thinking about it. With that all moved to one side, there is now plenty of space to be. Just that. To be.

I think I’ll bring the dreaming back though. I do need just a little direction.

Without the external annoyances, that is. With gratitude, annoyances, I send you off, out into the aether. You’ve brought me to this point where I release you, and should you return, I’ll greet you with a smile. You won’t be expecting that.


  1. Yes, Prenin is correct, there is only NOW…The past and future are merely a fabrication bestowed upon us by our oppressors. The two encourage worry and attention both of which they use to block out truth. The best way for humans to navigate these rough waters is to eliminate the need for OUTCOMES! The secret lies in embracing what is and seeing that all is as it should be. Don’t get lost out there TL! I hope you have your tether along with you….VK 🙂

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