Please be aware that an additional part iii is available over on Splodge and Splatter, which goes into detail about The Key.

Inside the box was a simple scroll. I opened it, and the High Priestess Aplaxa was correct. It was written in big bold text and very clear. This time, it said I needed to use twelve RED candles, as this was a reversal spell I needed to use some of the original elements that caused it to go wrong in the first place.

As I read aloud the first spell, this time it had to be read inside my mind. It was between me, the box and the scroll and the Universe.

I gathered the candles and found myself instantly in a pickle. A fix on a universal scale, in fact. I only had eleven red candles.

I had a couple of orange candles, and contemplated using one of those instead when my phone rang.

I answered it, even though I never answer calls from unknown sources. I felt compelled to, actually. And it was a good thing that I did, for it was the High Priestess herself.

A green mist emanated from the earpiece of the phone, growing larger and larger until it formed a human figure. And then, within a split second or two, a woman appeared before me. She had white hair, tied back, with a black streak that ran through the centre. She had immaculate make-up, and wore a high-collared black sparkly gown that seemed a little too long for her. The sleeves of the gown also hung loosely over her hands.

‘I had to get through to you urgently.’ The High Priestess told me, ‘Sorry about this intrusion but we have to interfere in this matter. Normally, we leave things up to the clients to resolve, but with the entire Universe being at stake, this cannot be left in the hands of a mere mortal. After discussion with the Elders of the Order of the Eternal Essence we felt it necessary to intervene. Plus, you were thinking of using an orange candle weren’t you?’

I couldn’t lie. Orange had red in it. Aplaxa’s voice sounded in my head as I thought that, ‘But orange is not in the instructions. To the letter means to the letter.’

I felt admonished again.


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