#WorldWatercolorMonth Day Twentythree

Today’s watercolour is a view of the Martian surface as seen through – wait a minute! This isn’t Mars! No, it’s a woodland walk as found in many locations here on Earth, our remarkable home. I’ve painted it based on a photograph I found online, using only three colours, green, brown and black… although I’ll confess to using different shades of green and mixing them along the way! Running through the middle should be a path, although in this picture it reminds me of a stream.

I have a long way to go before things start looking realistic, if I ever get there, but I’ll keep on. I like playing with colour, and I like playing with watercolour! And for me, whatever I end up with is fine. Could be better, but fine all the same.


  1. Mars?!! lol 😀 Maybe once long ago before the green green grass of Earth was formed! Lovely painting…the wood looks so cool and inviting in these roasting hot days offering peace and calm and a welcome return to nature ☺🌳

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