Picked up this afternoon by the Feelgood Far Array, the relatively newly-discovered Heart Nebula appears to have vanished completely from the region of space it was occupying.

The deep space array telescope detected a fluctuation in light radiating from the centre of the nebula at around 14:30hours today (Saturday)

Three of the four radio-telescopic cameras went on the blink for an hour or so after snapping the event, with only one capturing the before image (above) the during image (below), and the after image (below that)

The final image, dark and almost empty, holds at least one clue. Scientists think (they can’t be sure) that at the centre of the sector is a strange pulsating vortex, the like of which they feel they have seen before… but can’t quite be sure where…

Obviously, further details on this story will appear as and when they come to light.

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  1. The pulsating vortex is obviously the heart of love beating out to all of us below sending us the message to give up the crap we’ve been doing and get into the spirit of love and stay there 🙂 VK ❤

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  2. Fascinating !! Perhaps the exploding nebula sent scattering of heart love embedded star dust out into the omniverse akin to what the Tibetan monks do with their sand mandalas 🙂 That’s my take on it… thanks for the follow over at Soul Gifts, Tom

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