My OneWord365 word for this year is ‘Light’.

I’ve been referring to it recently in subtle ways through all of my posts, and I wonder if you realised?

Starting with my post 12, where I complained about my problems actually posting my post, the post (and others that day!) was meant in a LIGHT-hearted way.  See: subtle.

The next day, I posted Dillop in Training which made reference to traffic LIGHTs and the dark (obviously the lack of light!).

The next post was Super Supernova, where I referred to the light reaching us from a distant star that had gone supernova, and also the fact that we will have ‘two suns’ if and when Betelgeuse blows (which indirectly referred to 24 hour dayLIGHT for a while).

Almost a Full Moon was next. Now, this post didn’t reference MoonLIGHT, but that is the second thing you think about, after the Moon itself, when you see the word ‘Moon’. Traffic lights were mentioned here again, as were fluorescent green tops which somehow appear to have been lit up from within. I did say I was subtle!

In the following post, It tried to snow, then it did, the word LIGHT was very cleverly hidden within the word ‘slightly’ in one of the paragraphs. Look, I know it’s a flimsy link, but it’s there!

In The Cold by TLMerriman, I made light of Winter, and reference to Spring where the days start to stay lighter longer. And in The Dark by TLMerriman, I referred to a spark to try to clear away the darkness (once again, the lack of light!)

In Left Hanging, I wrote about stars who lit up the silver screen.

The following post was The Planets Align, wherein I explained the distance of a LIGHT Year. I also made reference to stars and planets (and, incidentally, I saw three of the planets with my own eyes this morning in alignment just above the horizon. I was really pleased with myself to see them, as regular visitors to this blog know that I always tend to miss such astronomical events!)

In The land that no one remembers, I was referring to ancient civilisations where their lights had long been extinct, but modern day finds shine a new LIGHT on things.

Half-baked time saver was a light-hearted jaunt across the length and breadth of the UK. Lunar Magic was all about the magical power of Lunar Light. All Alone? shone a light on our planet, with Moonset Magic depicting a setting Moon doing the same thing, and reflecting off the Lake in the Grinds to boot.

Down at the Dark End of the Lake was merely about the end of the Lake that doesn’t get much light, apart from the odd ones on the opposite bank, that is.

And yesterday’s post, Blog Automation, made light of the robotic answering services that are all the rage a the moment. Oh, and I may have highlighted my new blog somewhere in the middle there. Just subtly, I must add.

That was sixteen posts that linked in one way or another to the word LIGHT.


Now, I shall shine a light onto the real reason for THIS post.

I like connections. I like themes. I like writing. I want to set up  – not a challenge, exactly – but a monthly theme and invite other bloggers to take part by writing something, anything, that ties into the theme for that month: short stories, poems, fascinating facts – anything really, the more diverse, the better – and then link to the post on this blog for the current month’s theme so that other bloggers can see who has written what all in one place. And then, at the end of the month, I shall publish a post similar to this one, linking back to the posts on the author’s own blogs.

By the way, when I say ‘month’ I don’t mean that every post has to be about the current theme – only one post will be fine; I’ll keep the theme open for a month, is what I mean, and then change it for the next month. So there’s plenty of time to get a post written. (There’s also plenty of time to forget as well, so it may become fortnightly down the line!)

My ideas for challenges or events such as these tend to go down like a lead balloon (which aren’t very LIGHT at all…hehehe!) but I’d like to have a go at this.

The themes will be different every month, and I’ll post the theme on the post – where the incoming links can also come to – a couple of days before the end of the previous month… together with a clearer set of instructions. I babble after typing more than five hundred words.

So, will the spark I had with this idea, light another creative spark inside your mind? Let’s see, shall we?

I’ll post February’s theme tomorrow. Can you believe it’s almost February already?

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