Ghost Hunters and Isaac Cole

Isaac Cole is a funny old soul
He’d head for the top of the stairs
He’d sit and wait and meditate
Until there was somebody there
When folk approached
He’d moan and groan, and make the room go cold
After all, he is a ghost and has a legend to uphold
With a tap of a finger or a slam of a door
He’d laugh if he heard a scream
But he enjoyed it most when he’d put off a host
Of the latest ghost busting team!

8 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters and Isaac Cole

    • I don’t mind when Dot’s around, Jen, although she makes me jump out of my skin when she switches on my music system. If she were to appear in front of me, I’d probably run for the hills! 😀


  1. I really like this one Aquatom
    joviality and wickedness seems
    to be your forte… And you are
    certainly whacking these blogs
    out, I am having difficulty keeping
    up with you these days 🙂

    I hope that you are having a really
    good week my great friend 🙂



    • I’m not whacking them out as often as I’d like to, Andro, says he in a Kenneth Williams Carry On tone of voice… time and events are keeping myself and my blog apart for most of the time; I am slowly managing to catch up yet again.
      Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal very soon!
      Have a great week, yourself, Andro, and thanks for popping by! 🙂


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