One Minute Ramble: Hair

Short hairaddams-family-cousin-itt
Long hair
Dark hair
Blond hair
My hair

Neat hair
Tidy hair
Combed hair
Curly hair
Straight hair
My hair

Styled hair
Shaved hair
Shiny hair
Big hair
Spiky hair
No hair
My hair

I’d better go and get it sorted out then… bad hair day.

10 thoughts on “One Minute Ramble: Hair

    1. You may be thinking that that was just a list of different hair types / styles (or you may not be thinking that…) but no, that was how my hair looked when I looked in the mirror this morning. I have many a bad hair day, and love to make light of them. Hair can be taken tooo seriously sometimes! Now that I’ve convinced myself of that, I’ll go and wash my hair.


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