Just that side of annoying

It’s been a bit of a funny day today. Good for the majority of the day, but with the random “Aaargh!” moment thrown in.

The day began as it usually does. Well, not quite as usual as usual; I usually wake up before my alarm but this morning I didn’t. So the annoying beepity-beepity-beepity-beepity-beepeep-beepeep-beepeep shocked me awake. I was so shocked in fact, I tried to stop the alarm but couldn’t find the button to do so. I was actually feeling around one of my books rather than my clock, so I eventually realised I had hold of the wrong thing. Well, you do tend to grab the wrong thing when you’re tired, don’t you! Or is that just me? Once that major problem had been resolved, it was time for me to get up and ready for work.

I got out of my bed in the style of a groaning mutant zombie. The beeping may have stopped coming from the clock, but it was still ringing in my ears. I also couldn’t move my head. My neck was stiff all down the left side and across my left shoulder. I could turn my head about four millimeters to the right, but it was having nothing of turning to the left. I thought that my bath would help with this.

Once my bath was full, I settled into the hot water, sliding down slightly so my neck was submerged, to let the heat gently bring some feeling back into my neck. It actually felt quite nice and relaxing, but I soon remembered I was there to get ready for work – not to drift back to sleep. I managed to bathe, still in the style of a groaning mutant zombie, and finally got myself dressed. My hair wasn’t playing this morning, so it had to stay as it was… the texturising gum I was using to style it was working fine, only not in the places where I wanted it to. ‘Keep calm and carry on’ I thought.

I finally made it outside after doing my usual ritual of tapping things about sixty times to remind myself that I had unplugged all the unpluggables and closed all the doors that needed closing. I locked the main door to Aquatom mansion, put my key into my pocket and walked to my car. ‘Have I unplugged my iron?’ I thought as I approached my car, ‘If I haven’t it has been on since yesterday, so I must have’ I answered myself. My car windscreen was slightly frozen, so I reached into the back seat to obtain a bottle of de-icer I have in there. I had to reach again, as I grabbed the broken can first, which didn’t help my neck. I de-frosted all of the windows, got into the car and threw the de-icer back into the back. As I set off, the inside windows were still slightly misty, so I had to bend and peer through possibly the tiniest of peep-holes ever until the windows cleared. I could have waited for them to clear, but I was running late. Not overly late, but just about late, and needed to call in at the local shop on my way to work. Well, if I was going to be late, a couple of extra minutes wouldn’t make any difference would they? Bending and driving also do not have a healing effect to a sore neck, but I persevered. I bought my items from the shop, and set off to work. Windows now clear, I was quite pleased, until a thought struck me ‘Have I locked the front door?’; to which I answered ‘Well, I’ve just put my keys in my pocket and pushed the door to ensure it is locked, so I hope so’. I carried on driving until I joined the traffic jam just around the corner.

The traffic wasn’t completely stopped, it was moving slowly. I imagined all of the other drivers being like zombies this morning, all groaning in the same direction.

I arrived in work on time, and had to explain why I was walking as though I had a plank of wood inside the back of my jacket. Luckily, there seems to be something going around, and some of my colleagues are off ill with it. Phew. I thought it was just me.

I started working, but every twenty minutes or so, something would happen that would take me off my stride, and I would need to start again. At one point I had to go outside to get some fresh air and walk around as I didn’t feel too good. After being in the cool air and doing more zombie-like walking I felt better. I went back to work, and things seemed to go OK for the rest of the day. Well, apart from a ringing in my left ear that was quite shrill.

Lunch was fine, nothing to report.

Home time was eventful. I was waiting patiently at a red traffic light, in the left hand lane which followed a lane round to the right. This lane is actually to turn left or to carry on, and the lane next to this on the right is just to follow the lane round to the right. The driver of the car to the right of me decided they wanted to turn left, and nearly drove through me. Luckily, I managed to stop before they did so. They just tootled away as if nothing had happened… I guess they hadn’t seen me!

Further down the road, another traffic hold up. I was waiting patiently again, for the car in front of me to move on, so I could continue in the left lane, when a four-by-four passed me on the left, at very quick speed, and carried on up the lane I wanted to be in. This driver caused me to jolt my neck, as I could not believe how impatient the driver was. So in one journey, I experienced two ‘very clever’ drivers.

At my parents’ house, they were frying sausages when I got there. They smelled wonderful, but the pan was smoking somewhat. Unfortunately, this caused the smoke detectors to activate, and for the next forty minutes I was trying to stop them from sounding. Screeching, I mean. Screech-screech-screech-screech-silence-screech-screech-silence-screech. My ears were ringing again afterwards.

Things have been quiet since, I’m pleased to say…

I still have a sore neck, but I can turn my head to the right a little further than earlier today. To turn to the left I have to look like a ventriloquist’s dummy, but never mind. I’ll be back in bed soon and will hopefully sleep it off.

I’ll probably have a random dream involving a ringing noise, but I’m used to them now.

10 responses to “Just that side of annoying”

  1. bex avatar

    holy moley! what a day! so sorry to know about your stiff neck and soreness – this is the worst, especially when you have to drive.

    oh, zombieaquatom1968! the alarm is truly an awful way to start a day.


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      I think my body knew I had a stiff neck before I did, so it tried to let me sleep longer, hence being woken by the alarm. Handy things, alarms… but awful.


  2. Tom Chalfant avatar

    Well, gee, Aquatom I just came by to see how you’re doing, but I guess not so well. I’ll bet it feels better to get it out though, and hopefully you’ll have better luck tomorrow.

    You know what I think you should start drinking in your bathrub? Blueberry tea. And then a recorded book from the library for your driving around, so you can get your mind off the zombies. Nothing too deep though, you can crash your car that way. And wherever it is you work, maybe you ought to stay out of there from now on.

    And you know, it’s better to have had sausage and then had it nearly set your parents’ house on fire then to have never had any sausage at all.

    There you go, you should be all set now.


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      Hi Tom, thanks for commenting!

      I might try the blueberry tea and recorded book some time – will Green Tea work with the same effect? Only I have some Green Tea in!

      Staying out of work is a very good idea, but at my level of importance I have to be there. I’m the one who everyone passes their tasks on to.

      Oh, the sausages were for my parents… I didn’t have any – lasagna for me. I helped to prevent the neighbours calling for the fire brigade in between eating the lasagna and smelling the sausages frying!


  3. penpusherpen avatar

    I love the muttered ‘aside’ about the iron, made me laugh out loud. I would have had to go back and check, ‘cos a burned down house would put a dent on my day.. 😉
    Hope the stiff neck disappears like magic… and you have silent dreams… xPenx


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      Thanks, Pen.
      My neck is almost back to normal now, so that’s good. I always forget whether I’ve unplugged the iron which is why I make sure I tap the doors and walls many times to try to let the future me (the me in five minutes…!) know that I have unplugged it. I still ask the question…


  4. Trevor avatar

    As I don’t use my iron, no problems with that but I’m a sod for leaving things in standby mode wasting power and my money.

    I use my phone for an alarm when I need one and handily I can set it to use music to wake me up when the need arises. I have it with 15 seconds of gentle sounds (which normally do the trick) then 30 seconds of rock music (which does do the trick). I hate the beepity-beep bleep of normal alarms and threw the last one I owned at the wall which quickly saw it shatter into tiny pieces never to beepity-beep at me again 😉


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      I’ve never been able to properly wake up with music, for some reason. I used to listen to it and drift off to sleep again… at least the annoying alarm noise forces me to move to stop it.


  5. bethanage avatar

    My alarm clock allows me to connect my Ipod to it, so I usually set a song to wake up in the morning… I do find that this can have an influence on my mood for the day, as I catch myself singing it in the shower, putting the bins out, walking to the car etc…. so I try and avoid melancholy songs first thing in the morning..
    This morning it was Queen ‘Don’t stop me now’, which I hope has set the tone for the week, and for tomorrow I have The Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’
    Hope the neck gets better soon….


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      I usually wake up before the alarm, but when I need to be woken I prefer the alarm to music for some strange reason – even though I’m not keen on the alarm itself. I’m very random!

      “Don’t stop me now” is a good song to wake up to though, I’ll admit!

      Thanks, I think my neck is OK today *touches wood*


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