Me and this and that

I’m starting to take a good long look at myself. There are certain aspects of myself that I’m not particularly keen on, and need to sort them out. Like any problem, it is better to acknowledge them, and then they can be worked on. They can be changed or removed or the way that I see them can be changed, so they become a problem no longer.

I’m going to write about some of these problems today, and my first thoughts as to how to move forward with them. Here goes…

ASPECT NUMBER ONE: Typing. I am a terrible typist. I use two index fingers to type with. I only have two index fingers, so that in itself isn’t the issue. I occasionally use my thumb for the space bar, and the middle finger on my right hand to use the backspace button so I can retype what I have previously typed with the letters in the correct order. I also need to get the key pressure right, because sometimes I find letters are missing from the wrds. Luckily I always spot this.

ASPECT NUMBER TWO: My hair. I need a haircut like yesterday. In the morning, I look as though I have received an electric shock through the night. Not a good look. I usually have my hair in a short and spiky cut, but when it grows to the length that I trip over it, as it is now, it will not go the way I want it to. The bits I want to stick up remain flat, and, yes, the bits I want to be flat stick up. It has to go.

ASPECT NUMBER THREE: My irrational fear of people who I know. What a silly fear. I don’t even think it has a name. But, I do suffer from it. I’m OK in a crowded room full of people who do not know me, but I become a slightly nervous wreck when I’m with people who I know. I think some wiring has got crossed over in my mind and the on button for my fear is firing in the wrong place. I think if I can get this sorted out, my confidence, charm, pizazz, proper personality and sparkling soul will reach out to everyone. And I’ll be able to get to know more people too.

ASPECT NUMBER FOUR: Work. Paragraphs are not long enough for this problem. My first tome will be released early next month if I don’t do something about this issue.

ASPECT NUMBER FIVE: My memory. I’m pretty sure that I have mentioned my slight problem of recall. This will come in very handy once resolved, mainly to help with the names of all the new friends I meet when aspect number three is resolved. Aspect number four may be resolved because of this too. And aspect number two – I’ll need a new haircut for when I meet the new people. I don’t want to be referred to as “He who looks like Doris Day” (No offence to Doris, but I don’t think she’d want to look like me either!). This would also solve aspect number one, because I’d actually remember to write to my new friends – if I could tpe that is. What was number five again now?

ASPECT NUMBER SIX: Time Management. I’ll need to have more control of time to fit everything in once the previous five aspects have been sorted. And I’ll need more time to fit the following in too…

ASPECT NUMBER SEVEN: My book. I’m still working on it. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, but by the time I get started on my book, seventy Romes could have been built. And a few Parises and several Londons.

ASPECT NUMBER EIGHT: My muscular body. Teehee. I like euphemisms. Something a little tighter would be better, just so my clothes hang in the right places. In all fairness though, my body has significantly improved over the last few months so credit where credit is due. I’d probably get compliments off people I know too (if it weren’t for the irrational fear thing).

ASPECT NUMBER NINE: Structure, clarity and purpose. In life. In my blog. In general. (Purpose is to be happy, and I’m kind of there). Structure and clarity it is then.

ASPECT NUMBER TEN: Everything else that comes up. This aspect is a little like the part of the job description that says ‘Any other duties as required’. As long as it isn’t tping, well not yet, anyway.

Well, there’s me list. It looks as though several of them could be resolved at the same time if I went about the changes in the correct way, see – with a little structure and clarity. This writing down of issues does seem to work. I can see a follow up post to this one some time soon (perhaps without a book update but including a write up of my trip to Rome, West Yorkshire…)

3 responses to “Me and this and that”

  1. bex avatar

    “aspects of aquatom1968” – this sounds like a tony-winning musical in the works to me. this was a really interesting list of aspects. it is interesting that you term these as “aspects” rather than as “issues” or “problems”. it seems that if you are able to think with this kind of clarity about yourself that this aspects are readily addressed. what is that saying “knowing is half the battle.”


    1. aquatom1968 avatar

      Yes, and acknowledging is the first part of moving on! My aspects are little things that need changing, but could develop into big problems if left – especially the hair one!

      I like the sound of Aquatom the Musical… I’d best get me wooden blocks out!


      1. bex avatar

        have to agree with you on the hair – bad hair is soul destroying.

        “Aquatom the Musical” has an excellent ring to it – please reserve me two front row seat for opening night.


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