Well, I always say you get exactly what you ask for.

I wanted a haircut this morning, so decided on something slightly different for me. Something like this, maybe a little shorter at the sides and on top:

I toddled off to the barber’s shop, and, when it was my turn, asked for my hair to be short at the back and the sides, and slightly longer on top and at the front. “Did I want the side parting?” I was asked, and maybe this was my mistake. “No thank you” I answered. And my hair was cut. It looks like this:

Only not as tall on top. 😦 Note to self: Next time either take a photo with me, or go somewhere else! Oh, by the way, Justin Hartley does not look like a pineapple. The pineapple reference is intended for me. Just wanted to make that clear! Now, I’ve got to do something with my hair…

5 thoughts

    1. Oh, Raili! Hair has always been problematic for me. I’ve had pineapples, porcupines, mowed lawns, palm trees and severe flicks over the years. I’m due another haircut now, as it happens. I wonder how that will turn out…! 😉

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