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Dots on a map and other random snippets

Thankfully, I have had a really busy day in work today, and it looks set to continue to be busy tomorrow too! I enjoy being busy as it passes the time, and I can’t complain about anything if I’m enjoying it! Which I would never do on this blog now anyway!

The weather today has been a little misleading. Bright and sunny looking out, but quite cool actually outside in it. Still, it is January, and it generally is a cool time of the year. Particularly in my country.

I’ve been listening to the local radio in my car recently. Usually I just drive with the sound of the engine purring and the wheels rolling along the ground, but lately I’ve had the radio on. The radio in my car is slightly strange in the fact that it doesn’t remember the radio station I last had it tuned to when I was last in the car. Well, it does, but I have to press a couple of buttons for it to tune in correctly. No big task. Only tonight, I noticed that I appeared to be going through a poor reception area (I’ve never gone through this poor reception area before, although I drive the same route nearly every day). The music was distorted with crackles, whistles, whines and then it went completely, just for a second or two, and then it was back. As clear as it was before. Only it wasn’t back – the radio had tuned itself into a completely different radio station which was playing music the likes of which I have never heard before, and don’t think I want to hear again. Awful. The crackles, whistles and whines were much better. I quickly pressed the usual buttons and got my radio station back. With decent music. I sound really old saying that… music these days is nothing like it used to be.

Although in all fairness some of it is good. Almost everyday now I listen to Katy Perry singing “Firework” and I really like it. One part in particular, that goes something like:

You don’t have to feel like a waste of space
You’re original, cannot be replaced
If you only knew what the future holds
After a hurricane comes a rainbow

I enjoy switching on the radio, the TV or walk into a shop and this song is playing, as I like it, I feel as though it is being played everywhere for me! Apart from that radio station that I accidentally tuned into this evening. If the DJ hadn’t started speaking, I would have been convinced that the sounds were coming from an alien race trying to make contact with us on Earth. Although, I don’t think they would choose me to communicate with given there are a few other people who would probably be higher on their list. If they did communicate with me, I would play them Katy Perry’s “Firework” to show them a better way of producing sounds.

The dot isn't really this big!

In other developments, I’ve still been looking for new blogs for my recommendations page, and think I have found some more that I will try to add soon. I’ve rearranged the widgets on the main page a little as I thought they seemed a little out of balance – but they may be rearranged again soon – I seem to have a little problem finding the perfect balance. Still, practice makes perfect.

I’ve also added one of those visitor map things that puts a dot on the map whenever someone visits the blog. At present, I am the only dot there. I looked very lonely being the only one in the world. The good thing is, the dot is that big (or rather the map is that small) it covers the whole of the UK – so I wouldn’t know if I was on my own or not. And I feel like that in Aquatom Mansion sometimes, especially when I have the feeling that the ghost is in visitation. I think I may nickname her Dot as I don’t know anything about her, and I think it is as good a name as any…

Theme for the evening… arrangements, rearrangements and possible visitations.

More to come tomorrow!

Postaday problem?

I thought I had hit a snag with my Postaday post for today. Try as I might to think of something different to add for today’s post, I just couldn’t. I have covered imagination, reality and parallel universes in the two other posts I have added today – which are my normal posts, not my Postaday ones – and they pretty much cover, well, everything really, so in reality that leaves nothing. And I’m not prepared to write another post on nothing at this present time.

Then it struck me. A quick moment of A-ha!

Write a list of ways to overcome what I like to refer to as ‘Blogger’s Block’! A quick cure to resolve any posting problems!

Listed below are ten suggestions that I use whenever I have a problem posting. Most of the time I just type away and see what turns up, but sometimes I have to use one of these…

1. Don’t panic!

Panicking causes your mind not to function as well as it can do. Move away from the computer, and relax. Read a book, watch a little TV, listen to some music, eat something, drink something… just do not think about your post. After a break away, return to the computer and try again. Repeat if necessary.

2. Have a list of topics to hand.

Write five or six topics onto an index card, piece of paper, or anything else that you can get your hands on, and keep it somewhere close to the computer. When inspiration strikes, you may be able to write about more than one of the topics, but if your mind is not opening up to any kind of inspiration at all, write a list of random words onto another piece of paper. These words will become key words, or triggers, and you should be able to expand on them. If still nothing, move onto another topic and try again. Add another topic to the list when you have used one, so you have a full list again for next time.

(I wasn’t sure whether number two should have been number one and vice versa, which made me panic a little, so number one won. I don’t think the order matters anyway…)

3. Type random words into a search engine.

Leave things up to the universe! What random things can you come across that will inspire you to write your post?

4. Look at yourself in the mirror.

Unless you are a vampire and have no reflection, look at yourself. Think about the great things you have acheived today, last week, last year or over the last few years. Smile as the memories start to fill your mind. And get typing! (Or adding things to your paper list for the future!)

5. Look at your clothes.

Really look at your clothes. The colours, the fabrics, the designs. What do they make you think of? Do you remember when you bought them? Or do you remember what you were thinking when you bought them?

6. Take yourself to another place.

Imagine yourself in your own place of peace and tranquility, or time that you enjoyed, or dream holiday destination. Think of the good feelings you are having while you are there, the things you are experiencing, and any other thoughts you may have.

7. Create something new.

Write a story, or the first part of a story. Introduce a character, a place, a situation. Make it as vivid as possible – imagine yourself in the story and see how the events unfold around you. Are you the hero? The storyteller? Or part of the crowd?

8. Make a list.

List anything you can think of. Your top ten favourite films. Your top fifty favourite books. Your top one hundred favourite movies. Your top one thousand favourite people. This is a list of items, and is different to the list of topics that I suggested in number two.

9. Read other blogs.

There are one or two other blogs that you can read and get inspiration from. You may find that you get engrossed in the blog though, so make sure you have plenty of time.

10. Analyse something.

A news event. A certain local, national or international event that simply needs your take on it. Your own opinion. Or analyse the number of times you see your favourite colour, and produce a chart showing how many times you see something of that colour over the week. OK, that last one was silly, but there is always something to analyse.

And that’s it really. You could always look at the WordPress help section, or type blogging tips into a search engine for other ideas. I do that from time to time too, but mostly I write about myself! I think I get it right…

In a dimension adjacent to this one…

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is blogging about blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is reading about blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is writing about reading about blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is reading a blog about writing about reading about blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is writing a blog about reading a blog about writing a blog about blogging.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is wondering about someone in a dimension adjacent to that one.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is blogging about someone in a dimension adjacent to that one.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is reading a blog about someone blogging in a dimension adjacent to that one.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is writing about someone reading a blog about someone blogging in a dimension adjacent to that one.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is writing about someone writing about someone reading a blog about someone blogging in a dimension adjacent to that one.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is realising that someone in a dimension adjacent to that one, is writing a blog about the blog they are writing about someone reading about a blog in another adjacent dimension.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is pondering the complexities of parallel dimensions.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is taking time out.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is blogging about thoughts and where they can lead us.

In a dimension adjacent to this one, someone is blogging.

Just blogging about anything, everything and nothing.

In a dimension adjacent to this one.


Ordinarily odd?

I’ve been having a quick browse of the internet, and there seems to be a bit of a buzz going around about the Earth shifting. Apparently the magnetic north pole has shifted, causing problems at an airport in Florida, and it appears that the north pole is now likely to be located somewhere in Russia. But according to the people in the know, this type of shift is natural and normal. Well, it probably is, but when you look further into it, the location of the north pole on the map is some distance away from Russia, it is actually just above Greenland:

It may just be me, but that seems to be quite a big shift.

Added to that, the sun has risen in Greenland two days earlier than expected this year, which is being put down to global warming. They are saying the shift has nothing to do with this.

Another article I have read states that the UK is now not as windy as it used to be, which is beginning to cause a problem with the introduction of wind turbines to generate power. Maybe the UK isn’t as windy, but it was certainly windy in my little area of it today! Unless today’s wind was caused by the shift in the north pole, I would have to disagree with whoever has said that.

I haven’t read anything about any changes to the south pole, apart from one article that said the south pole has now vanished. I’m not one hundred per cent sure, but I somehow don’t think that is possible. Well, I’m also reading about the 2012 prophecies that says that the north and south poles are due to change places in 2012. This would not happen if there wasn’t a south pole. Having said that, the prophecies aren’t particularly positive, and if the poles do actually swap, there may be a few repercussions around the planet. If there is only one pole, the north pole (which by then will probably be in the east), there is nothing for it to change places with. Unless it shifts south, but it won’t as it doesn’t really move that far anyway, apparently.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens then. I’ll keep my eye on the wind.

I have heard a rumour that the Earth is not in the same place as it was 300 million years ago. This sounds like the post I recently made about the Big Bang. For one, the Earth rotates around the Sun, so it wouldn’t be in the same place anyway, and for two, the Sun (and the whole Solar System in fact) may be revolving around something else, so the Sun may not be in the same place either. And if the universe is expanding things will be moving anyway anyway. It is just one big moving swirly thing, the universe. But very dramatic with it!

One more point. The horoscopes have also moved. Or so people thought until recently, and then they realised they haven’t. Apparently, they had been moved back a month, and a thirteenth one had been inserted. I was still Pisces, in this new horoscope, but I was so close to being in Aquarius. And poor Scorpio had been shortened to seven days, to allow Ophiuchus to go into the Zodiac. This change, had nothing to do with the shift in the north pole, but a shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis.

I think I look too deeply into things. There are all of these major shifts going on all over the place that are perfectly ordinary. The axis has moved, so does that mean that the magnetic north has moved with it? Because the Earth is tilting in a slightly different way, maybe the UK has now moved out of the slipstream for the wind that we are now missing. And for the shortest of moments, I could have been an Aquarian, but I wasn’t. I’m still Piscean. Still dreaming of good things, and still ordinarily odd.

Interview with the vampire

Sometimes you find yourself in the most surreal of situations. You have to ask yourself whether things are real or imaginary. Take this for instance…

Clyde Caspian of The Northern Star newspaper caught up with me at lunchtime today. I was walking around the lake when he jumped out at me from one of the pathways from the main road. I was startled, but nowhere near as much as he was. Apparently, he hadn’t jumped, but tripped over a root from one of the trees that was slightly uncovered at the edge of the path. If I was any further along, he’d have flattened me, but luckily I wasn’t and he didn’t.

“Tell me,” he said, just after putting his sunglasses on correctly after his stumble, and in his brisk journalistic tone, “what are you doing around here at this time of the day?” It was 13.30.

“Walking” I answered – I’m always polite, if slightly apprehensive when asked strange questions – I continued, “It’s my lunch”

“Oh,” he said, sounding slightly intrigued, “Do you normally go for lunch around here without anything to eat?”

“On a Friday, yes” I said, “I find it very relaxing.”

“What do you feel about the daylight?” He had taken a pen out of his inside coat pocket, and was reaching for something else. His notebook.

“I think it’s brighter today than it has been” I watched as he wrote this down.

“So, you are telling me that you find today’s daylight brighter than normal. How does that make you feel?”

“Erm, fine,” I had to squint as the sun appeared from behind a cloud, and shone directly into my eyes. I dashed under the shade of one of the large trees so that I could see clearly again. “Sorry,” I said to Clyde, “That was bright then.”

A strange look crossed Clyde’s face, and in the shade and through his sunglasses, I could make out his eyes – he was staring directly into my eyes. An extremely strange stare it was too! Very weird.

“Could you confirm that you find the sunlight uncomfortable?” His pen was poised.

“That was a little, then” I responded. Clyde drew a huge tick onto the page.

“Does it make you… cross?” Clyde now had a strange smirk on his face.

“Not really,” I smiled.

“Does it not… burn?” Stern look now, still with the intense stare.

“Well, it did a little then”

“So, you are confirming that you find that the sunlight in the daytime burns you?”

“Well, not so much at this time, but it did a little then” Clyde was now scribbling intently into his notebook. His hand was shaking.

“Tell me… garlic. How does it affect you? And holy water – how about that?”

“I’m fine with garlic, but haven’t had much experience with holy water”

Even more scribbling.

“You look pale,” I thought he was now getting a little personal. “I suppose it isn’t very often that your kind get out in the daytime”

“I’m out everyday” I replied, maybe too indignantly, “And not only at this time too! I’m paler than usual because it is January and I haven’t used my sun bed for a while.”

Clyde twitched again. “So, you use artificial sunlight to keep your skin in that condition”

“No, I…” He interrupted me before I could say anything else.

“And you don’t like holy water. I knew it!”

“No, I…” Yet again, another interruption. You can’t get a word in with some of these journalists.

“No need to say anymore. This story will be big. You are now marked.”

I was totally and utterly confused for a couple of minutes. I looked up and Clyde was gone. Vanished without a trace. My neck on the left hand side was itchy, and I had a small spot of blood on my fingertip when I itched it. And I was thirsty. Very thirsty.

I decided to go back to work as the sun was starting to give me a headache.

That was earlier. Now that it’s dark, I’m fine, and I’m ready to go out for the night. And, even if I do say so myself, I look pretty good this evening…