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Hidden messages?

More and more symbols are being developed to replAce wordS for certAin things, which in a way is a good thing. The symBOls are easily remembered, and you instantly know what they mean. Look at the symbol for peace, which is used by the peace campaigners; or the recycling arrows. They both VEry clearly diSplay what they mean, because we knOw what they are intended to mean. But who decides on what the symBols should bE? Can we create our own symboLs to be used in every day cOnversations? And hoW do we spread word that the symbol that we have chosen to represent the word (or phrase) means just that?

There’s a phrase that says a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine creating a symbol that could literally represent that? More importantly, what would your symbol say? What impact would it have on the world? Would it be overused?

Thinking about symbols has got me thinking about hidden messages, and I’ve hidden one in the paragraph above. Not very well, I must admit, and it is actually a phrase I have used very recently. I’ve made the letters stand out, but the message would still be hidden there, and a little less obvious if I’d adjusted the font size slightly on the intended letters. Not so much they are noticeable, but so they would be picked up subconsciously. The mind will see the difference and may well pick up the message. I’ve not hidden any other messages in this post, and the yellow spotted red mini that you are now imagining is not there because of your subconscious!

Look at hieroglyphics… images our ancient ancestors used to depict the events of the day. Some are obvious, and some may have more than one meaning, and depending on how they are interpreted can make all the difference in the meaning of the sentence they are trying to convey. Could they have hidden any messages in their symbols way back when, that we haven’t worked out yet?

It all comes down to interpretation. How we interpret what we see. And what we see may not always be the truth! Now, I know ‘seeing is believing’, and to fully experience it, you have to see it with your own eyes, but is what you are looking at actually what you are seeing? There is a difference between looking and seeing although you are doing both. Look at a railway line and follow the tracks into the distance. Due to perspective, it looks as though the lines meet in the distance. That is what you see. But you know the lines are parallel and they cannot possibly meet all that way up there. They will stay the same distance apart all the way to the end of the line. If you were to see the railway tracks for the very first time (and be totally unaware of perspective) you would see, and interpret, that the lines do actually meet. And if you had to design a symbol to represent what you have seen, you would probably draw a tall narrow triangle to start off with. And someone else looking at a symbol of a tall narrow triangle may interpret it as pointing upwards, rather than into the distance.

It adds a different perspective to the phrase ‘someone’s point of view’, too! Try to see things differently. Be open to receive other interpretations of things. Try to see the fuller picture.

Oh, and by the way, when I mentioned the yellow spotted red mini earlier, what image did you see in your mind’s eye? If you didn’t see an image, that’s fine. Did you see a red car covered in yellow spots? Or was it a girl wearing a short red dress with yellow spots? Or even the word ‘mini’ in a yellow-spotted red font? Or perhaps you saw something else. It doesn’t really matter what it was that you saw this time, but it can matter how you interpret things. It is very easy to jump to the wrong conclusion in things…

I was going to end this post there, but I’ll end it here instead! No reason…

Just imagine…

Can you imagine being able to travel back in time, and take a video of all of your favourite events, so you can see them exactly as they happened all of those years ago? What events would you go back to see? Would it be someone’s wedding that you enjoyed? Would it be a favourite holiday? Or would it be a particularly normal Wednesday afternoon back in 1973 when you really didn’t do anything, but had a fantastic time just being you? The chances are you may already have a video or at least a photograph of the wedding – or the holiday – but probably wouldn’t have anything of significance to help you to really remember that fantastic Wednesday afternoon.

It’s the normal days, the ordinary days, that can really turn into something extraordinary. You may just be sitting quietly, just staring into space, when Wham! a fantastic idea hits you. You follow the idea through, and bring it into reality. The idea becomes really successful, helping you to achieve all of your dreams, and other people look on in wonder as to how you could have come up with an idea such as that… think it sounds far-fetched?

Think about how many ideas pop into your head as you are out shopping, or driving (or waiting at traffic lights!), or playing sport, or waiting for something, or watching Smallville on the TV, or reading a book, or typing a blog, or gossiping, or swimming, or trying on an old shirt, or moaning, or cooking or doing whatever every day things are being done. Some of the ideas can be discounted, obviously, but some of them could really be the road to success for you.

It’s really worth a thought. Just because nothing is happening in the physical world, it does not man that nothing is happening in the realm of your thoughts. Any idea that you think is good, write it down… try to see how it would work in the real world… see how it would really help people… see it being successful. Set the wheels in motion for your idea to become real.

It may be that your final product may not resemble your original idea at all. It may be that you decide to scrap your plan for this idea as an even better one occurred to you one Sunday afternoon. It may be that your idea is such an overnight success you are taken aback by just how successful it is.

The point is the original idea is what sparked this all off. And the action you took after the idea, obviously – unless you dismissed the idea then you wouldn’t feel the success at all.

So, the next time you find yourself with nothing to do, just sit back and think that at any moment now you will have such a great idea that you will take some time to look into further.

Oh, and if you have a camera handy, just take a photo of that day. Anything at all can be the subject, but if you get something with the date in it, it will help you in the future when you are looking back over the special days that you would like to visit, if you could travel back in time.

Why not make everyday special? Then you wouldn’t even need to travel back in time to visit, as you are actually living it anyway… just a thought.

The way I see it…

White Rabbits! It’s the first of the month again. These firsts come round really fast, don’t they?

I’m having a bit of a quiet time here in Blogland at the moment, so what I’m currently waffling about are thoughts that are coming to me as I type. I’ll soon get inspired ideas about what to write into one of my posts, but on these quiet times, I just tend to waffle on and see what actually ends up being written. Probably not the best way to keep a daily entry going, but at least it allows whatever is in my mind to escape through my fingertips. And the whole purpose of the blog is to get to know me, and understand myself, better. And if I can’t do that while typing any old stuff that just wants to get out, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Well, not yet, anyway!

I’ve done a small bit of research on the internet into why we say “White Rabbits” at the beginning of the month, and it is all to do with good luck for the forthcoming month, apparently. I always say ‘white rabbits’ on the first, but not necessarily first thing. Sometimes I have no idea of the date until much later in the day. Sometimes, I don’t even have a clue as to what day it is, even though I remember the day before being the day it was… random, I know. Anyway, from what I have gleamed from the internet, if you say ‘white rabbits’ first thing in the morning on the first day of the month it will bring good luck. Whether it brings good luck to yourself, or whoever you say it to, I’m not to sure. I would presume it would be to yourself, but in that case why do we wish other people “White Rabbits” when we meet them? They should have wished it to themselves first thing in the morning anyway. Unless they didn’t realise it was the first of the month either.

Now then, luck is a funny old thing, isn’t it? It’s always nice when you hear of someone’s good fortune, or have a little good fortune yourself, but why does it happen? When someone really really wants something, and they get it, is that luck? Are they lucky enough to get it, or have they brought it to themselves via the powers of the universe?

There’s many a tale about people who have been late for something, only to learn that if they weren’t late they would have been involved in a nasty incident. Is this luck? It can’t be good timing, because they were late to start off with! Something stopped them from doing their usual thing on that particular occasion, but what made them late? It was obviously something they were doing, so could they have tapped into the powers of the universe and subconsciously been aware that they had to be late that day?

The odd thing about thinking this way, about thinking that we bring everything to ourselves, starts a major argument between two camps. Those camps are the ‘yes we do’ and the ‘no we don’t’ camps. I can see the reasons for the argument; what about the bad things that happen? The bad luck. The addictions. The misfortune that seems to spiral out of control – how can anyone want to bring those kind of things into their lives?

The way I see it is that we do. We bring everything into our lives as soon as we even think about it. Even if someone else mentions something that we were completely unaware of, it’s now in our thoughts. It’s now in our lives.

I don’t know the full ins and outs of how the universe works. I’ve read lots and lots of books on how we are influenced, the Law of Attraction, our thoughts etcetera, but these books are only articles written by other people – they are writing their views, and it is up to us to believe what we want to believe. I may not agree with someone’s viewpoint, but it doesn’t mean to say they are wrong. It also doesn’t mean to say that I am right when I think they’re wrong either.

The theory that I feel most comfortable with is the one that we bring everything to ourselves. Good or bad. That way, I have some control over what is going on in my life. I may not be able to change what is happening to me right now, but I can change the way I think about it. I love it when things ‘go my way’ and don’t dwell on things that don’t seem to. I keep focussed on the good aspects of everything, even the things I have to moan about. I do like a good moan like the rest of society, but I try to keep my moaning to a minimum and try to make myself feel more positive, to take my attention away from the thing that I am moaning about. After all, I brought it into my life anyway. It comes full circle.

Everything comes from within. That’s a phrase I keep hearing lately, in completely different scenarios. When I had my aura read the other day, I was told that my aura would change colour when I change what I am doing. I have to make that change. That starts from within me, even though my aura is external.

As Above so Below. As Within so Without.

The world is a big place. The universe is even bigger. Our perception of everything always comes from within.

Every little helps

There’s a useful sign in the swimming pool that I noticed while I was dashing to get dressed after my latest amazing swimming session. It said that 64 lengths of the pool was the equivalent of one mile. Now tonight, I swam 64 lengths of the pool. Coincidence? No, not this time! I’ve been building up on the number of lengths I have swam each day, since I started last Monday. My intention is to get back to swimming one hundred lengths in thirty minutes, but  I don’t want to rush that, and at the moment there is absolutely no way I can reach that target! It isn’t unachievable though, and I have done it before, although I was a bit younger then. Age is not going to stop me, however, and I will do my utmost to reach that target once again. I swam my sixty-four lengths today in just over forty-five minutes, which means that I am definitely getting quicker. And if I continue to go a little further every day, I’ll soon be swimming my one hundred lengths. Once that is achieved, I must swim quicker, to get the one hundred lengths swam in the shortest time possible.

Sometimes, I may not have the time to do the full one hundred lengths, possibly due to the pool I visit or the length of time it takes me to get there – but in these cases I must try to swim as far as I can in the time allocated.

Up to now, I haven’t really been keeping an eye on the time it takes to swim the lengths I do, as I am concentrating on the distance, and as I have just said, I’ll continue to do this until I reach one hundred.

Over the past week or so, the distance I have swam is 386 lengths combined, which is just over six miles. I’ve only been swimming for seven days, at the present time I allow myself the weekends off, but may start to go then as well soon. I am really pleased with my progress so far, and I do feel differently within myself. I may not look different from the outside, but it really is important to feel good within first – there’s no point doing anything if you don’t feel good doing it.

So, starting from last Monday, I swam 30 lengths (which seems nothing now compared to the 64 I have swam today!) and I felt impressed with myself for doing that! Tuesday, I increased my length number to 32. It’s not a large increase, I know, but it was only my second time of going, and I had a bit of hassle getting to the pool on the Tuesday (to say the least!) On Wednesday, I swam 42 lengths, Thursday 50 and Friday 52. I didn’t swim on Saturday or Sunday, and was a bit concerned as to how I would do on the Monday after the ‘little break’. I didn’t need to worry though, as I swam 56 lengths. OK, it’s only an increase of four lengths, but it is still further, and to quote a certain supermarket’s slogan ‘every little helps’. Yesterday, I swam 60 lengths, and today my magic 64 lengths.

Keeping with this trend, I should swim 68 lengths tomorrow – but I’ll just have to wait and see. If I do 68 I may as well do 70. But tomorrow is another day.

I’m going to rest now, and think of all the goodness that this wonderful form of exercise is doing for me.

Hello Ego!

I’m beginning to feel that I am ‘finding myself’ again. I am starting to do a little bit more than I did before, and feel better for it. The phrase ‘finding myself’ makes it seem that I have been somehow lost, and although I have been right here physically, I have just been moving forward, really aimlessly, just into the next day, to do the same things again (slightly different, obviously, but generally the same!)

I started this blog so I could really find myself, and in writing about the various events that have happened to me in the past, I have been able to move forward with some of the serious ‘issues’ that I have carried with me over the years. I have also used EFT to help me release some of the agonising feelings that came from certain situations in the past. Everything is working slowly for me, and I don’t want to rush things along, but at the same time I want to be further down this path, just to see how far I got… if that makes sense. (I sometimes feel that I  live in my own paradox, where I can make everything happen, but in taking action I stop the things that I really want from happening).

Take swimming for example. I’ve been swimming for seven days now. I’ve almost got up to swimming a mile a day. My clothes feel better on me. I weigh half a stone lighter than I did last Monday. I look in the mirror and see slight differences in how I look. I feel as though I walk differently. But I have a nagging voice inside my head saying that I have not done enough – or I have not done it quickly enough. This voice is also telling me that I need to look at the excess fat around my middle to see that I haven’t really lost the weight – it has just moved somewhere where it looks better. This voice of mine isn’t very complimentary. It’s either always putting me down, or telling me I’m not good enough, or telling me I am good enough (when I’m not) and then putting me down for not being good enough and it asks what was I thinking of for doing what I did in the first place…

This ego voice either wants me to feel good or bad. To feel better than others or worse. To achieve or fail. When I ask this voice why does it want me to do what it wants; or how can I do what it is telling me to do, it doesn’t answer. I have to make those decisions myself. If I make the right decision, my ego loves it. If I make the wrong decision, my ego loves that too. So, really, in essence, I am being told to do or not to do something, by a voice inside my head that isn’t really bothered whether I actually do it or not… but will constantly berate me anyway.

It’s no wonder I found myself getting a bit lost back there, with all that swirling going on within my head.

My ego’s not a bad thing, I hasten to add. It does tell me to beware when being aware is needed, so it does have a useful function. But the other ninety-odd percent of the time, it is just there jabbering away about how I did. I think my ego has taken control of me tonight, and has started typing this… it’s telling me I can’t possibly write this in a very good way without it’s help.

Well, ego, let me tell you something… I am good at what I do, and I am allowed not to be good at times. I am capable of learning from my mistakes without being punished for the rest of my life. I am grateful for the way you guide me to be alert, and be ready to run… but why do you constantly remind me of what I did whether I chose to run or not? Whether I use the wrong word in a conversation with someone, whether I am a few minutes late, whether I accidentally break something – they have just happened. They are done and in the past.

I’ve got right now to enjoy. Ego, start to enjoy it with me rather than enjoying your own little self at my expense.

Now, that felt good, and my ego enjoyed it too.

Until later!