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Christmas thanks and New Year wishes

That was a nice little break, but I must admit that I found it a little odd not posting anything. I have only missed two days, but it feels like a lot longer! Anyway, I’m back to posting as normal now, but before I get into the swing of things properly, I thought I’d post a message of gratitude to the universe:

Dear Universe,
Thank you for a wonderful Christmastime this year. I particularly enjoyed the fact that although we had experienced snow leading up to Christmas, we had no snow on Christmas Day, which meant that the roads were a lot safer than they could have been. Christmas Day was a lovely and relaxing day for myself and the family. We had (more than!) enough to eat and drink, and the entertainment was just about right. Everything remained calm and relaxing, which is just the way I like things to be! I used to really enjoy hectic Christmas Days (as you know) but I now much prefer the quieter and more sedate times.
So, once again, thank you for providing a lovely time.
Could I ask one more thing, as New Year is approaching? Could I ask that those who need help receive it, those who need healing receive that, and those who need direction manage to find their way? Peace, happiness and Feel Good feelings for all throughout 2011.
I ask with the utmost gratitude and respect. Thank you.

Apart from that, although I am back to posting as normal, I haven’t got much more to say for today! Must be all that festive food I have enjoyed over the past few days. Hopefully, I’ll be back with a more ‘normal’ post tomorrow… we’ll see!

Back soon!

Taking a few days off from blogging now, I’m going to enjoy myself doing something slightly different over the next few days! Not that different, but slightly different! I’ve said it before, but I’d like to wish all of my visitors a Merry Christmas! Thanks for popping by over the past few months, and I’ll see you again when I (and you, hopefully – but no pressure!) return! Feel free to Feel Good! 😀

What I’m trying to say…

Some people may say:

God jul


Geseënde Kersfees

or even

Gleðileg jól

and then again

Vesel Božič


Nadolig Llawen

and perhaps

Buon Natale

and occasionally

Среќен Божиќ


Joyeux Noël


Καλά Χριστούγεννα


חג מולד שמח

others may say

Nwèl fete


Frohe Weihnachten


Wesołych Świąt

or even

Feliz Natal

and then again

Feliz Navidad


메리 크리스마스


Mutlu Noeller


क्रिसमस की शुभकामनाएँ

and how about

Glædelig jul

and occasionally


But what I say is “Merry Christmas“, and that goes to you, wherever you are in The World!

With thanks to Google Translate!

The Magic of Christmas

It’s still there.

I can feel it…

It’s more of a spark now, rather than an avalanche of excitement as it used to be, but it is still there.

When I was little, I used to be really excited for Christmas well early. August early. One year I had bought everyone’s Christmas presents by the end of July, but didn’t want to wrap them then, so I hid them in a wardrobe so no-one would find them. The wardrobe was regularly used, so what made me think it was the perfect hiding place is beyond me. Nobody said that they had seen them though, so it must have been the perfect hiding place! I put it down to the Magic of Christmas, so anyone who opened the wardrobe door only saw the clothes and not the neat stack of ‘things’ in the bottom corner – they had been magically transported to a different plane whilst the door was open. They returned again when the door was closed. And once, I’m sure I opened the door and they weren’t there. I must have been wearing a new pullover that day and the Magic of Christmas didn’t recognise me.

A few years earlier, when I was even smaller, one Christmas Eve, I was getting ready for bed after having a bath. The bathroom was upstairs and in the corner of the house, and above it was the roof. The roof was a regular roof, a sloped roof, so what I heard next was unbelievable. There was a couple of thuds on the roof, or just above the ceiling, and then the sound of jingling bells. I quickly told my Mum and Dad what I had heard, I’m not sure if they believed me, but I definitely heard it. It sounds now as though it could have been one of them making the sounds from outside of the bathroom, but there would have been no way for them to make the sound come from above the bathroom, and you can tell where a sound is coming from. I rather excitedly dashed to bed, but couldn’t sleep… I felt the Magic of Christmas.

A few years before that, I was lucky enough to go for a sleigh ride all above the town on Christmas Eve. The sleigh was pulled by lots of reindeer, and a man in a red coat was laughing out loud. I can still feel the wind on my face to this day – it wasn’t like the normal wind, it was a gentle, comforting wind. I suppose I could have dreamed this, because I don’t think I would have been allowed out on my own at that age, but it was soooo real! I felt the Magic of Christmas!

Only a couple of years ago, I was working on Christmas Day. I was driving to work, and there was only me on the road. In fact, I think there was only me up and about, although it was light – it must have been around 9am. The sky was a mixture of a pale blue and pink, and everywhere was covered in snow. Which looked pink. As I was driving, it started to snow again, and on my car radio the Christmas version of East 17’s ‘Stay Another Day’ was playing. I remember smiling to myself, and thinking “Wow!” I felt the Magic of Christmas!

Christmas can be a magical time for everyone, if everyone can see the magic through all of the associated stresses that come with it! What I do now if I notice that I’m starting to ‘panic’ about something (or something equally as no-goody-feely!), is think of the times I have experienced the Magic of Christmas in the past. The feel good feelings may only last for a few seconds, but they are there!

The good thing about feel good feelings is that they do exactly what it says on the tin!

Go on… Have a Magical Christmas!

Pink skies and Moonrise…

I’ve just discovered that in 1638 there was a Total Lunar Eclipse that fell on the same day as the Winter Solstice. 372 years later and we have another one. Lunar Eclipses happen quite regularly, and there is nothing unusual in that. It is much more rare that they occur on the Solstice. What is coincidental (here I go again!) is that I have recently added a post about the year 1642, and the strange feelings I have associated with that time. Until today, I knew nothing of the eclipse on 21st December 1638.

We have another two Total Lunar Eclipses to look forward to next year, on June 15th and December 10th, and a partial Solar Eclipse on January 4th! Hopefully, I’ll be able to experience one of these…

I didn’t see today’s Lunar Eclipse, although I was ready and prepared to see it. Unfortunately, the clouds covered the sky again, as they did when I tried to watch the Geminids the other week, but I still had a spectacular display never-the-less. Whether the effect was caused by the Moon, or the Sun, I’m not sure, but before the day became fully light the sky was a glorious reddy-pink colour. I’m putting it down to an effect of the Eclipse… it was a magical experience all the same.

Tonight’s Moonrise was also spectacular. Just appearing over the rooftops the Moon was a magnificent orange colour, before it became it’s usual silvery-white. It wasn’t as orange as that in the many images for this morning’s and previous years’ Eclipse, but it still looked good! I love the Moon anyway, and seeing it in a different light is amazing. And a Full Moon always brings out my magical side – although today my magic is staying in my mind, and I’ve been observing the more natural magic of the universe!

Please replace ‘observing’ with ‘awestruck with’. And add ‘with gratitude’. I feel good today! 😀